One berry down, who's next doesn't really matter

Today, May 8, 2009, another friend of mine is engaged.
A closed one.

I put on 3-healthy-kilos and I'm gonna stop right there.
Hopefully ;p

the joy they bring

For the whole week I have not been able to meet them.
Been hold on dragged discussion, lunch time pun dead and gone.

If the bf were here (as in KL) he can always drive me to Pavilion for Carls Jr.
But he's away so far away off the shore for so very long time now.
Fifa said she hold some of the burden (as in missing him on behalf of me), thanks babe.

But I don't want to dwell in my melancholic feelings anymore.

I miss him, I miss them. But hey, its long weekend, AGAIN!

it has been 4 months

I know I promised a lot of stuff, but keeping promises is as hard as, uhm, tip toed out of office at 5 pm.

Sad thing, I am amongst the last one to leave, after maghrib that is.

But I'm not complaining, this is far better than the 6 months jobless state I endured.

Now I can say I earn a living. I can now spare my brothers and sister pocket money. The feeling is - priceless.

And I checked with the bf soon after he came back from 3 weeks offshore - are we on still on the same page? and he said Yes. Yeay!

Many things changed. I sing that song too many times already eh? That includes this thing that happened in Kino-

'I'm looking for Confession of-'

'No dear, Confession of an Economics Hit Man by John Perkins'



I have silent for many reasons. Some would be

  1. technical - at first the modem was hit by lightning, then when it was replaced, the network card somehow not functioning. I want to upload Taman Negara pictures so bad, but office connection does not allow that.
  2. confusion - with this new life its hard to adjust. Emotionally, physically, relationship wise, basically the whole thing. I am drained when once step foot home, I stopped the usual bloghopping. But I hope now I'm back.
  3. Extreme laziness - don't need to defend myself here, kan?

so hello everyone,

and HELLO to YOU bila nak balik ni the loneliness is killing me!

Yes I am alive, wait for updates. Hint : obscene and ugly photos in Taman Negara.

My old self is back. Yeay!

hello kemello

I don't know where to start. It's like I have been walking on a thin rope all along and I'm at the middle at the moment. To recall from the beginning point would be exhausting, even in wording form.

My workplace is high above the sky. In exaggerating kind of way lah, but still. To take my skinny self there would take around 5 minutes and 2 changing lifts. But swaying myself in heels, I feel almost like a princess of the sky.

But can I say something despite all the complains?

I have my very good friends. I can see Fifa, Zu, Ealya, Fatin, and now adding to the team-Zaza. Everytime I feel things are far from expectations, I can laugh till my stomach hurts during lunch time. When I'm tired from all the confusing corporate talks, I can pick up the phone and giggle and gossip.

We communicate in every sorts of way. Emails, IM, phone, lunch dates. We just can't get enough of each other other, can we?

Anywaaay, say YEAY to long weekend!

It's 7.30 pm and I am still at the office

I just felt like a loser with no life.

PIPE pictures

I haven't get all the pictures, here are some taken by people with dslr.

And I won 007 bang! Dapat breakfast dengan Delta Rovers okay.

Hello and Hi

I'm ok. I'm alive, breathing, and eating very well too.

PIPE was so far ok. OK lah.

Ok get back soon. Can't wait for normal access to internet. I'm using lobby's PC nak buka blog sendiri malu gila ok.

Bye bye, be good.

ps WTF poco-poco punya lagu keep on playing in my head!


Ok I'm going to Permata tomorrow.
See you guys next 2 weeks. At KLCC perhaps?