PIPE pictures

I haven't get all the pictures, here are some taken by people with dslr.

And I won 007 bang! Dapat breakfast dengan Delta Rovers okay.

Hello and Hi

I'm ok. I'm alive, breathing, and eating very well too.

PIPE was so far ok. OK lah.

Ok get back soon. Can't wait for normal access to internet. I'm using lobby's PC nak buka blog sendiri malu gila ok.

Bye bye, be good.

ps WTF poco-poco punya lagu keep on playing in my head!


Ok I'm going to Permata tomorrow.
See you guys next 2 weeks. At KLCC perhaps?

i said i want to remain 23 this year, zaza said whatever makes me sleep at night

Happy New Year 2009!

I remembered my last year's resolution was
'To be nice to people I don't know, to remember to smile to makcik nasik lemak, salesgirl, people behind ticket counter, and appear sweet to them'

So this year would be
'Never take a day at work for granted, appearance speaking!'

Hahaha. Well that sure gonna drill holes in my pocket!