You're a Girl, Therefore You are the Secretary

Life has been hec-tic and I have been no-where near that.
Test and assignments and the usual student-life stuff. I wake up every morning telling myself final exam is just around the block. The notes on the table won't miracle-ly absord just by staring at. The assignments just wont magically 'siap' just by having a peek on it between Sex and the City.

I got to stop admiring Sarah Jessica Parker pretty make up and stare at the damn Structural notes!!!

Sabar-sabar. Got to put up with this for just a little while only....

By the way, I just have to say something I'm quite dissatisfied about.
Apparently it is a quite a sudden that we as in the engineering batch need to take up the Professional Communication Skill (perhaps the governmnet are wide-awake that university students has poor soft skill??) So dragging our asses off from classes to classes we entered to find any placement since the course is such a goreng-pisang here (because no final paper?)
It was such a trouble to find placement because all the kiasu juniors just won't give up their seats.

To the juniors :: Heloooo kitorg final year okayyy. U guys boleh take the course after Internship. Pegi Intern dulu, tengok dunia luar before kiasu-kiasi sangat! Go test the outside world, and give yourself a fashion lesson, relationship-wrecker-test ke, hot-affairs ke, clubbings and drinkings ke.. ahahhaha.

Well that's is not the purpose of my jumbles. We are supposed to present a mock meeting. Regarding some matters I don't really fancy to talk about. I somehow quite suprised they don't acquire us to do real-working sorts of meeting. Wouldn't it help us in later time?
Never mind of that. Besides the mock meeting, we also had to come up with an MOM , and that makes me miserable like pulling my hairs off and make myself an official botak!


Because the fact that the ladies must be automatically appointed to be the secretary and write an MOM!
I thought an MOM is okay to write but suprise suprise it isn't at all.

I have seen many male secretaries, and they produce fantastic MOM.
Here, just because they are so many of them wearing pants, they give the odd one that wears skirt to be the Miss Secretary.
I admit that girls do have some fluidity in words, sentences and vocabulary.
But I like men's words. They are straight forward and simple and less fancy.
They write differently, but easy to swallow and understand.

Back to the reason why I am mad,
Lagi sakit hati bila orang cakap

Haney, kau dah grad jadi secretary je lah.

Muka kau mmg muke secretary pun.

What the f man.


"One night, One batch, One celebration"

Night of the SUPERSTARS
Damai Laut Swiss Garden
26 October 2007

Here are some pictures...Credits to photographers and the girls' camera.
Dare to dress like (freaky)superstar?

We have redcarpets because everyone is a superstar!

With the Event Director and High Committee

Imagining boyfriend eh Fa?

Paparazzi shot.
It was indeed a night where everyone had fun!
A big fat congratulations to the committee! Clap clap!
I can't really accept its been 5 years we have been together. Feels like forever eh?
However I remembered well how I met him, how I met the girls and how I survived the years through here. If you were to ask me if I ever can imagine this time, my answer would be definitely, NO.
Here I find the meaning of friends, what they are for, how far they put up for each other.
I see more the good in people, less the evil in them.
Here it smells like victory.
I hate goodbyes.
I won't wave goodbye, because we will always meet again.

Special Public Announcement!

This is an important message to all friends.

I intelligently changed my ym password since now that I have two emails (gmail and yahoo), I thought of having the same password for them both.
However, ym new password I inserted was declined.
So I changed to another password.

And I totally forgot what I just entered.

That is a bit dumb isn't it?

So please, the haneysa96 is no longer exist. It belongs to the wind now.

I Need an Inspiration!

When we were younger, we used to have so many reasons to be motivated.
A new bike for top 3 placing in class.
New pair of watch for that outstanding performance in swimming tournament.
Huge teddies from adorable aunties for good marks.
Big fat cash for straight A's.

Let say the level if motivation is drowning into the drain, there a lot of pushers to hold our backs, and remind us just how to important not to neglect your homework and studies.
(Still, I fail to complete homework and usually hunt for unlucky friends to copy most of the mornings)
We will be lectured and brainwashed and constantly reminded to study! study! and study!

Remember those motivational camp attended in purpose to brings out the motivation and good spirit in you? Usually conducted during incoming of major exams? Well I hate them so much and half-heartedly attend because only I had to. MRSM days, there were a lot of those.
When everybody cried (we were supposed to cry, in order to meet the objective of the program), I didn't. I put on straight face.
When you shake hands and ask for forgiveness from teachers for them to shed extra light and do'a for the upcoming exam, I only choose those I like to salam.

A lot of times when they were long neverending lectures on advice, I were either I slepping, or I listened to the radio - hiding the earphone under my white scarf.
Well, I just hate motivational lectures of any sorts...

When mama told me that my younger brother transformed into an angel after going for the motivational camp held at the nearest masjid, I get stunned.
'Seriously ma?'
She said he cried asking forgiveness from my parents.
And he washed dishes without being told and screamed to.
His solat does not to be remind thousand times.

So I wonder.
If only there is such program that can push my lazy ass to begin with stuff I should be doing.
And getting serious about the datelines and final exams incoming 2 weeks.
If only there is such program that works for my cold-ignorant heart?

It turn out that my little fisherman brother had came to his senses knowing he wasn't meant to be an angel after all.
It lasted only a week till he finally picked up his old habit of lazying around and left the dirty dishes at the sink as if no one watching.

Questions O Questions

When you haven't seen someone for along time, there are questions they may asked.
Some you can aswer them fluidly, some you give a lot of ermmmm and rolling eyes (figuring answers)
Where do you plan to work,
Where are you going to rent,
What is your first car going to be,
Are you going further study after graduating,
When do you plan to get married.

Oh please, I am 22, I have no idea how to answer them.
But I pity the curiosity tone in the question, so very often I answer them the best I can.

The latter question is by far, the most frequently asked.
I usually answer them with
'Taktahu lagi. Maybe lambat. No age limit or whatsoever'
Dalam hati : Relax la. Nak cepat-cepat buat ape. Banyak lagi benda nak accomplished.

So next time, O dear friends, don't ask that patricular question, even the BF and I couldn't answer that.

The Big Spender Whining

Yesterday, ayah asked me how is my saving going on. He intended to add up my saving to get me a car next year, since I may start working and stuff.
Little that he knew that....
I am never meant for money-saving, since I usually used them all up.

I can give all the reasons to buy what I want to buy.
Be it another black top, another pretty flat, the V-Flare Topshop jeans.
There is always a reason for everything in the world for a girl to shop!

  1. Ni susah nak jumpe ni. Kalau jumpe pun mesti kaler tak cantik, cutting tak nice, mahal bla bla bla...
  2. Rugi lah tak beli, you (as in the bf/gf/sister) beli, I pun mesti beli something so we're equal...
  3. Boleh pakai nanti (nanti bile, tu fikir later)
  4. This is my size! Susah nak cari my size! (YELAH TU)
  5. To match with the new bag, scarf, pants, etc etc..
  6. Yes, I know I have a black top, but that one pendek sikit belakang die, or low sangat, seasoned, yada yada..
  7. I'm depressed! Need something to cheer me up!
  8. This one unbelievably cheap. I take 2 !!
  9. This is nice for classes, practical and practical..
  10. My parents belanje, so I amik je la ape-ape yang ade (even buruk)
  11. Been eyeing this forever, now its on less. Yeayy!
  12. 'Next item less 20%' or 'Another item you get a loyalty card'
  13. BF or gfs cheer 'Beli!! beli!! beli!!!!

Dear Lord, grant me the strength to control my own radicilous spendings!

Raya with Hometown Sweethearts

Despite the fact I had to rolled up my chiffon-beaded kebaya's sleeves to wash dishes...
And long queue to shower in the mornings at kampung Teluk Intan...
And to hold my bladder because I just couldn't pee at wooden toilets with so many holes poking my sight...

And 2 days not talking to the BF because he was busy with the family...

the Hari Raya was greaaaaat !!

Since Nat is back from India, and Azra is here from Indon, the time spent with the hommies was never better.
There were Su, Izean, Kelly, Yan and MISS DIVA Fazrin.
Seeing the girls back from school, is like seeing myself back of how I used to be.
So nostalgic and refreshing.

We may grow apart and differ along the way, but they are still the sweetest.

Some pictures at Nat's bbq

To Paan Nadia,

Bila balik Seremban haaa??

We miss having you around. All 4 of us talking laughing like crazy in the car. I spare some fotos for you, in case u wanna do some photoshop magic innit.

Someone quoted that

I never knew such fantastic friend,

Who makes me feel less than grand;

But you went away

changing sand,

And left me lonely with no one to hold my hand.

Never have I thought of feeling this blue,

Not believing our valediction is true; (asalkan rhyme eh)

Seems like yesterday together me and you,

Just remember that I will

Forever cherish you !

So sweet.
U know who gave that to me back in 2001 when I left KGV to boarding school?
hint : she cries with me till our eyes swolen that time...

There are a lot of times when you wished things are different.
But the fact they are not, and may never be, and perhaps-forever constant.

To deal, or to run away?

Hari Raya 2007

Picture tells a thousand words...may not very appropriate, since a lot of pictures can't be publicized because I malas nak cover kepala kat rumah. Hehe.

At cousins', Yana & Sha

Bagan Datoh, Perak.

Meet the cousin, Ilham Hadif. He loves to read books, and asked for Qiraati for his 4th year birthday present. At 5, he started to read the Quran.
Dia suka baca buku sgt, once I said to him it is annoying to see a kid love to read spelling books.
Annoying ok?

These fella can't never come across with any size of stream...

And there will be some gathering pictures at Natasha's bbq. Still haven't figure which pictures serve justice to portray my hometown sweeties.

Will come later.

There's Always First Time To Everything

I am a total newbie, I just stepped foot in

Well, you may be directed from my
old link,
u googled my name !!
u simply find me.

May this be helpful in allowing friends (read:stalkers) to have a little mind on my doings, my whereabouts. I'll try not be revealing, and hurtful and exaggerating, that might contribute to heartache or such, but that always resort to no-writing-at-all.

Don't complain or frowned upon reading the blog title. I freaking have NO IDEA what to put as title. I tried not to be cliche, conventional, and stereotype, but so far my creative-brain only gets me to..

Never mind, there is always first time to everything, kan?