the day before my medical check up

I'm going for medical check up tomorrow and I'm scaaaaared to shit.

*Entah apa-apa macam orang tua conservative takut pergi doctor*

And yesterday I sms the 'Aunty' telling I received the offer letter and all. It was funny, my first sms to someone's mom. I was extremely nervous and sent a pre-sms to the bf for his approval.

'Ok tak? Do I sound cool?'

Nasib baaaaik la I ni boleh lah jugak harap buat ayat-ayat manis dlm sms ni kan. Kira my sms words boleh-tahan-killer-jugak-lah. Kalau tak takkan someone tu suruh tolong-tolong karang sms utk mak bf dia. (tolong ayat je, content dia punya sendiri..) *Wave excitedly Natasha*

And the Aunty replied. Hah so sweet wish I could share here but NO I WON'T. I think I even smiled to sleep.

Ok I'll let you know if I can, or can not, urinate with a stranger looking at me, tomorrow!

listen, I have a little news to announce...

Ok, fairly speaking this news ain't that little anymore. Since I have been blabbering over it for almost 6 months, (that's half a year, that's 2.17% of my lifetime) I finally have it.

Have what you ask? Well dear you must be some kind of lost or extremely totally new here.

I was awaken by a call from GTS informing me to pick up the offer letter and this annoying (but sweet) friend of yours will eventually start off work at Jan the 2nd 2009.

I will be a colleague of Ealya and she already called me Chinn when I visited her department (that soon will be 'our' department, haha semangat gila medical check up tak pass lagi).

Need to give a serious talk on 'Dont call me Chinntet kat office ye.'

And to him, big giant thank you for your prayers, support (in your very own kind of way, you did) and love (again, in your very own kind of did ;p ).

for unemployed, friday is JUST like another day

I think this place of mine is becoming whiny and motherly-like. Euw kan. I am not a bubbly person that talk endless, but I love making people laugh. If not I would think I bore them.

Once the bf said I was so funny that I could qualify for Raja Lawak Astro. (not sure thats a compliment or a complaint)

Today I called and ask for follow ups about the offer letter. But the GTS Lady cakap she can't promise I'll be on board for training on Dec itself. Grrrr. I keep myself busy munching chocolates and drinking milk with loads of episodes of Californication to balance out this maternal instinct in me.

While mounting the Hershey's wrapper and gulping cold HL, at episode 7 season 1 I think, the moment they played Foo Fighter's - The Pretender I said,

'Ahhh that's it! Ni memang cerita I.'

my armour part 2

Hello and hi everyone.

I am now in deep euphoria over Haruki Murakami - After Dark. Since my current job tittle reads 'Heavy Sleeper' (hope it's gonna change soon) I forced myself to add something new to the bookshelf.

Been asking friends around for books on recommendation. Natasha recommended The Reluctant Fundamentalist. Actually I had the guy at MPH Jusco to order for me, but since I had to go to KLCC on short notice yesterday (tak sempat tu nak shape eyebrow, betapa tak confidentnya I!) so I pay a visit to Kinokuniya.

The book was apparently sold out, but the helpful sale-lady managed to dig the store for newly fresh one from the box!
And I can help to look at the workers kat Kinokuniya with envy-eye, gila best diorang bergelumang dalam buku. The same look I have for librarians. Hmmm...

Anyway, when I read a book, and thrown deep into the emotion of the book, the feeling is indescribable. The feeling is almost not singular, but mixed and complicated macam the writer try to tell me a lot of things at a time. Macam dalam kepala I ada movie with the characters play their part according to the story. The feeling best gila I bet lagi best dari orgasm.

Senang cerita I memang obsess dengan words. Kalau Fifa buat report ayat tak sedap I tengah tidur boleh terjaga. Selagi tak bangun betul kan ayat dia, I tak boleh lena. Haha.

So kan, bila kita baca translated books, macam Murakami, Marquez ni kan, of course lah dah translated. I wonder, is the feeling would be the same if we read from the original language? Meaning if we understand and read in Japanese, will it be the same feeling as we read in English translated by some professor?

Faham ke tak faham I cakap apa ni?

Hah, tu lah Haney siapa suruh tak amik English Literature.

And today I went eyebrow shaping!

my armour

Hujan lah malam-malam,
nak curl dalam selimut gosok-gosok kaki kat katil sambil baca buku cite.

To Zu : Ye lah I tau buku I boring. Tapi please JANGAN panggil I 'Chintet!!!' dengan kuat kat lobby Tower 1 ok. I won't forgive you next time!


Thanksgiving comes early this year!

Meaning, bersyukur sebab The Parents dah balik dari Kota Kinabalu entangled me with all the chauffeuring, cooking, cleaning and babysitting! Bukan tak biasa buat (ceh, reputation kena jaga?) tapi bila sorang-sorang in charge of everything memang boleh bagi mild depression.

NASIB BAIK SPM sekali seumur hidup kalau tak dah bergaduh dengan Qawiem yang main order je nak pergi sana-sini group study. Baru tadi hantar pergi Seremban Jaya (that is 40 minutes drive with Chintet-speed-skills and traffic). Esok paper Add Math baru malam ni nak pergi group study? Questionable sungguh.

And Ma asked 'What do you want from KK? ' I asked what's there for me? She said pearls and those kind of stuff, and she knew I'm not into such things. So I said, 'Ma nak tie rack scarf satu boleh?' Haha.

Yeah Thanksgiving comes early baby!

another day yang biasa

Still in the Angelic-First-Child-Syndrome, I took Qusyairi out with the other cousins. There were 5 of us, watching Quantum of Solace and a game of bowling.

First, I want to tell you that I don't suck at all at bowling. I thought the first one with the berries was quite a bit of luck, but this time around I know I can bowl. Can je lah, tak tere macam Azra.

But my cousin Abang Nazri was persistent to tease me that I have this let's-go-to-the-mall-walk until I reached to the point where you throw the ball. Malu la tak confident nanti orang cakap baudget PRO. And tadi baru perasan ada alley tu ada arrow-arrow. Haha!

Everyday I called Ma to report details at home. Lampu dah bukak? Dah. Gate dah lock? Dah. Adik dah solat? Dah.

It's almost 10 pm now, kena hantar tuition lagi. Pukul 12 midnight nnt jemput. Kereta sudah isi minyak RM30 untuk satu hari. SATU HARI!

i find myself to be annoyingly nice

...because I just made some hotdogs with hotdogs buns and mustard and pickles with lemonade for Qawiem's friends who actually came for a suspicious 'last minute SPM discussion'.

...I companied Qusyairi over Fantastic 4 Silver Surfer and laughed at the jokes as if it was my first time watching.

...rub the cat's tummy (yes my cat doesn't has a name) until he felt asleep (on my lap!)

kind of miss u

  1. When you are really tired, you have no energy to even smile or giggle at little bothers' jokes and stories. Today I have to make breakfast, send to school, fetch them, cook lunch, make sure they take their supplements, laundry, housekeeping, send to training, fetch again, prepare tea, prepare dinner, send tuition, fetch again, and my work stopped at 11.30 am!
  2. If you claimed to be a super-multi-tasker BUT u have a maid, that's just cheating babe.
  3. Nasib baik 5 hari je. Malam-malam tido ketakutan and in fright paranoia sbb parents tak ada. I was so scared that I even wake up to the sound of croaking frogs. Last-last tarik tilam tidur bilik the boys hehe.
  4. Hence I treasure the time Suraya (Hanim) came over to pass the CD and we went stalking some old friends! ;p

today i go full throttle

The precious parents went to Kota Kinabalu and left me being head of the house for 5 days. I have to wake up at 5 in the morning to make sure Qawiem is awake. Then crawl back to bed and wake up again around 645 to prepare breakfast. (Muka I masam mengantuk tak payah cerita lah, mesti ramai dah biasa). Then drive them to school.

Come back, do some laundry, dishes, and all that stuffs then mandi. Perkara biasa tak payah explain. Around 11am prepare lunch. Ha yang ni I nak cerita.

Everyone closed to me knew by heart that I don't cook. I am simply not interested to know how to cook.

Ma always nag me and I assure her when the time comes, I will be good. Just not time yet, nanti bila terdesak baru lah buat. Macam tak biasa.

Before Ma left, she instructed me on the menu, since it's SPM and she tried to avoid eating out. Today I made sup tulang dengan kicap pedas tu. Tomorrow spaghetti bolognaise, and Ma prepared some rendang dinding for Friday so I need to add on something else like goreng sayur ke ape. (Ingat I helpless sgt ke? Ops ter-bitter lagi)

But the thing is kan, I don't eat what I made myself. Like today, tak sentuh langsung mee hun sup, rela makan Chipsmore cicah susu.

Kalau nampak I cengkung, mungkin ada 2 sebab,
satu sebab tak makan, satu sebab rindu.

today I paint the town, grey

Today too, I refuse to listen to my gloomy inner-self. And tried to make myself busy (by sleeping?) helping father painting the new room.

I know I'm not bad painter (even the contractor said I have steady hands) so I offered to help a bit. Since I have no old clothes that deserved 'to be painted', Ma made me wear Ayah's old blue coverall and I folded the sleeves, since of course, it outsized me. Rasa macam The Inside Man lah pulak.

Except that Clive Owen crime lady has Cleavage capital C

Well, that is the closest I get to wearing coverall I guess. (read with sarcastic tone)

While painting dengan semangat (kena semangat sikit, kalau lembut-lembut nanti cat kat roller susah lekat kat dinding), I shouted to my father
I : Alaaaa Ayaaaaah! Nak hujan laa, rasa air rintik-rintik!
Ayah : Tu bukan hujan, tu cat lah..

Then I look at my hands, there were a few tiny drops of paint. Yelah kalau kuat and laju sangat press the rollers, mesti ada drops terpecik sikit kan.
Haiya lupe pakai rubber glove!!

are we the perfect match?

Today I refuse to listen to my inner-self, that is becoming bitter and all soured-up due to uhm.. (ok lets not finish that sentence shall we)

Since the house is under renovation phase the dusts and sands are like your second skin of your feet. I'm enjoying the luxury of wireless, and blogging with heavily cushioned pillow to support the skinny butt of mine (I love to do that as long as I can remember). And take up new series, Californication with the super hot but lame David Duchovny and shuffling over Bittersweet's Perfect Match. (Lagu ini menyentuh jiwa laaaa)

No, Fa, I tak recommend lagu tu untuk wedding your sister ye!

Today, mom said not ONE, but TWO things that can make me choke on my own tounge.

'Ampaian besar ni tak payah dah la Ma, kita pakai ampaian roda tu laa..' Me said referring to the relocation of ampaian kain when all the renovation mess is over.
'Eh.. nanti korang tu dah ada family, kena pakai ampaian besaaar' Mama said and I terdiam terus.

Ok, lagi satu malas lah I nak tulis, memalukan diri sendiri.

I don't blame Ma, she has no idea I'm on no speaking term with the bf ;(

don't talk about sunshine with me

Stop talking about silver-linings with me.

Stop being so positive, because you don't even hold my future.

Stop giving me hopes, you are not the one who suffers if everything fails.

ps I can always opt to getting married, and live under husband expenses, but I know I can never do that to myself. Just not that person.

pss I am worried that I cannot sleep. I cannot sleep. Tau tak dah berapa lama I tak pernah tak boleh tidur? Last time I was worried I cannot sleep must be the tunggu result UPSR. (Anxious nak exam and anticipated nak balik rumah sbb homesick doesn't count.)