one of the many things i hate

One of the many things I hate is when I have to listen to people saying these things
'...tadi I baca blog u, cakap pasal..'


Paling benci people talked about what I wrote. Since it's written, self explanatory I'm not comfortable talking about in verbally.

When I write, ideas flow, words came out. But when I talk, it is totally different way. Tell you now, I am more keen telling things in written form, I'm such a bad speaker, I say things I didn't mean like 'Pusing kiriii!' but what I mean was 'Pusing kanan'

However, my lack of ability to differentiate right and left may contribute to that.

Anddd this message goes to you to Mr BF!

'...I baca blog u tulis pasal anniversary tu..bla..bla..bla..'

Immediately I burst out loud 'lala!lalala!lala!!lalala!!!' so that I couldn't hear the rest of the story.

So there, one of the many things I hate.

Ok lah, sebenarnya bukan 'hate' tapi malu.

The Convocation Ceremony (Part 1)

This year, the ceremony is divided into two session, one in the morning and the other in the afternoon. Total graduates are around 1200 if I'm not mistaken. Morning session would be for Civil Eng (Fatin & I), Electrical Eng (Fifa and Zaza) and Information System (Ziana and Sara). That means, IT (Zu), Mecha. Eng (the BF and Syed-Sara's new hubby) would be in the afternoon. So that may explains why the pictures are not complete with each and everyone of us.

The event itself was great! Maybe because our number is small, thus manageable. After the event, we gathered outside (where are the clicking and smiling and throwing the 'hard-hats' took place) and lucky we have roof on our heads. Kesian tengok U lain convo panas-panas cair make-up semua. Plus point, we have the city-of-angel-like (according to BF) IRC for background and it was beautiful.

*all photos courtesy of Abul, other cameras on the waaay!

The things is, my pc is heavily infected by virus, so no I could not access my disk C, where I saved all the photos. All photos sent by email only is accessible.

By the way, congratulations everyone!

ps : why do I still feel like I belong in UTP? Hmm.. myb sbb tak dapat offer lagi kot?


Well I just got to know that Dicaprio next movie, Body of Lies (no poster found in the net, yet) is going to be in Malaysia in....
..wait for it...


Lambat lagi I know, buat at least I have something in the cinema to look forward to. It's amazing having the tingling feeling of excitement not knowing the movie's gonna be good or bad. Tak sabar.

And let see what else installed next month

1) The Other Boleyn Girl (Natalie Portman and Scarlet Johanson)
2) Mama Mia!
3) Romulus my father
4) Deception (Hugh Jackman, nyumm nyumm)

1) Tropic Thunder!!! (Lambat gilaaaaaaaaaa mati I tunggu)
2) Max Payne (Mark Whalberg dalam Four Brothers tu boleh tahan ;p )
3) Eagle Eye (siapa suka Shia LeBouf and rasa dia cute hands up!)

1) Quantum of Solace (my favourite Alicia Keys doing the song with White Stripes' John White)
2) Chicago 7 (Steven Spielberg's, I like all his work, including the ones bored to death)

More movies in between, that are not showing in local cinemas, I'll let you know.

*sources from wikipedia and GSC site.

this does not really concern you, may skip this if you want to

Being unemployed, graduated and all, there are nothing much to do every other weekdays. But in weekends, if you want to see me, do set an appointment way ahead okayh!

On the 15th August weekend, I was away at KL, tagged along the parents who attended the Long Service Award for PETRONAS staff at Impiana KLCC. Impiana je? Dulu Mandarin Oriental, cut cost ke? My father had been serving the company for 25 years (sapa2 yang tak faham bahasa ingat PETRONAS naik-kan harga minyak memang digging your own grave kalau cakap benda-benda ni dgn orang2 mcam ayah).

On the 15 August itself was my 5th year anniversary with the BF. Yes we met exactly 5 years ago, during the same Long Service Award (20 years service that time) in Mandarin Oriental and KLCC witnessed of the overwhelmed drama and passionate love (masa tu lah!). Head over heels, impulse dates, perasaan membara, adrenaline rush semua ada. Siap dump boyfriend masa tu and ran after mr BF ni ha. Top up everyday RM30 takde hal punya. Final exam Chemistry esok, today pergi tengok movie, nasib baik tak fail and graduate sama-sama dengan orang yang tak mabuk (sangat) cinta. Nasib baaaaik dah get over the kemabukan and dapat jugak grad second class upper walaupun borderline je. Hehe.

First year was another drama on its own. Fight, scream and cry memang our very best friend. Lucky us, the drama slowed down by time. We developed and grew stronger. That is what I like the most about this particular relationship of mine. It moves forward and does not linger around old issues. Mini drama still ada, of course, but I guess we both know how to handle the situation so it wont turned the mini drama into somekind of movie.

Suddenly we stepped into the fifth year. I think we marked out all the grey areas. Having finished study the most favourite question 'Bila nak kawin' dah jadi mcm annoying. Honestly, I never believe that marriage is the ending of great love. I don't see marriage as something you do to seal the deal. I see marriage as a phase. A phase I am not yet ready to even think about.

I think I'm becoming romance-intolerant by day, helppp!

I'm doing my best in the relationship. I can bravely say I'm giving my all, despite other commitments like family, studies (hmm I never knew studies is a commitment) and own spaces. It's not like high school love, where the worst thing to worry is that why didn't he call tonight. He has his own past and I have mine. Both are not in each other past-life picture. But we have solid 5 years together and endless future ahead of us.

* edited
Ok lah, since ramai sgt comment on the word sacrifice (entah apa yang scary brutal nya!)
its compromise baby, compromise!

since everyone on planet earth is graduating, so here's a teaser, more pictures soon. (sooooon!)

*photo courtesy of Abul.


Yesterday I have a very interesting conversation with my brother Qawiem. I'm aware that his name is quite rare here, just because my relationship with him is not as close as other siblings. It's okay, nothing serious. But I guess I am more the second-mother figure in his eyes so he can't afford to play puppy with me.

So, when he was telling me about this teacher who hates this teacher because of this and that. From his words I can sense he already pick sides. So I asked
'Dah dengar ke Cikgu B punya explaination'
'Nak dengar buat apa. Semuaaaa dah cakap mcmtu, Cikgu B memang mcm tu, bla bla bla..'

'You cannot pick sides if you don't listen to both sides. Kalau dalam kepala kita dah set yang Cikgu B tu memang jahat walaupun kita tak tahu apa dalam hati dia, apa sebab dia buat mcm tu, nanti kita ade mental block'
and I continue
'Apa-apa yang Cikgu B cakap kita refuse to listen. jadi ignorant. Kita nak tengok dan dengar apa yang kita nak saja. Kalau kita dengar Cikgu A cakap this, kita simpan 50% untuk Cikgu B punya cerita. Kalau kita dengar cerita A, separuh hati simpan untuk cerita B.'

'Have an open heart to everything, walaupun kita rasa benda tu radicilous sangat. Kita dengar, lepas tu buat keputusan sendiri. Lagi ok kan macamtu?'

Tak pasal-pasal Awiem dapat free lecture, after 5 hours straight Physics lesson.

Padan muka.

the day my world become brighter (part 2)

I am a reluctant glass wearer (who weren't?). But being me, yang ini tak boleh itu tak boleh according to Zu and Sara, I hate it when I couldn't see what others see.

So today I made (is made the correct word?) lenses!

There was a little scene between the opticians and I during placing both lenses inside the eyes, which almost resultant to a little tai-chi (bukan Tai-Chi Technique). I keep blaming my sweeping eyelashes and the opticians insist on being a little bit brave.

'Cubit dik, cubit sikit kasi keluar'
'Cubit laaaah ni'
'Itu mcm taknak cubit. Cubit kuat sikit..'


I need Fifa ;p

All the time at the shop I recall how Rachel Green was so afraid to put anything on her eyes, and lucky for them, I'm ain't Rachel Green.

Before I left the shop, with both lenses inside my eyes, I make a decision.
Malam ni kalau cubit taknak keluar jugak I pergi clinic.

girls, dah ambil baju dari tailor belom?

3 more days to go for the GREAT Convocation ceremony. My guess is everyone picking up their piece of expensive outfits form tailor, final alter-ization, beading (that would be me ;p) finding perfect footwear, tudung, brooches, etcetra etcetra.

My pair of baju kebaya for the Convocation itself is sponsored by dear mama. We went to this small Batik shop owned by Dura's friend. They can help you to design your own batik-painting and customised accordingly. Great eh? And the price is way cheaper than those my mother bought in Arfa batik (which I rejected due to the fact it's orange and orangy is so not me). My aunty (call her Makngah shall we, bukan Merah Makngah) insisted to do some beading (she has magical hands with beads, thread and needle). I happily said 'Ok lah!'

For dinner, I finally made the white-green kebaya the girls bought form Bandung long long time ago. Tak ada budget nak beli kain baru pun, sob sob..

And I have this sweet little black satin and gold sandal of Eclipse to go with it. Upon trying out the whole outfit and marched around the house, my dear Ayah said, 'Waaah cantiknya....'

Well, Ayah, thanks for your brown eyes which I inherited it gladly from you - It compliments everything.

this is supposed to be posted on 1508, but why should i care about deadline?

Yes, last week on the 15 of August marked the official date that this person one prson has been my, shopping buddy, IT consultant, quality control, financial advisory (and supporter ;p), meal buddy, LOYAL MOVIE-PARTNER, unpaid driver, favourite listener, entertainment provider, and the list goes on and on, but the things is,

he has been my boyfriend for 5 years.
(swallow that guys!)

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY sir, apa lagu theme anniversary this year eh?

in my world, time moves as slow as snail

It's getting boring waking up with nothing important to do. My days are filled with internet surfing picking clothes for imaginary wardrobe, vacuum-ing the dust in the house, laundry and work that needs most thinking is, looking thru Qawiem's addmath.

Do I miss maths?
No! Not in million years.

So let see how I kill the days waiting for my future come rolling at my feet (that makes me sound like a lazy bum eh?)

  • Laundry. I iron everything including boxers. My brothers said I'm sick, I tell them ironing clothes is therapeutic.
  • Call friends whining how boring life is. I cannot call bf since he's working. (I never called him during office hour, how considerate am I? )
  • Books. In the end of finishing Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaleed Khosaini, that is so addictive and in my humble opinion, is better than Kite Runner.
  • Movies. Thank You For Smoking recommended by one of my colluege, indircetly telling me that my convincing/negotiation skill is poor. And Gangs of New York, and Sex and the City almost every night.
  • Since I'm in the season of puasa ganti, so no eating, hence lagi lah sikit benda boleh buaaaaaat!!!
  • Staring at the mirror. I remember past month when I was working I have no time to look at the mirror for more than 2 mins. Now I have time to count new-visible pores, putting on the mud-mask Sara gave every day, and I notice something, my red-colored hair is becoming karaaaaat. Yelppp!
I need these to cheer me up!

To go with the cardi, of course. ;p


You know how I feel about printed scarf!

You do kan?????

Now on tunggu Mr Postman datang sambil letak tangan kat dagu...

the search of perfect cardigan is over (for time being)

'I'm looking for the perfect cardigan..'
'I jumpa kat Topshop ada satu, cun jugak'
'Topshop? Fine, mesti mahal..'

'Taklah, ok je price dia'

'Ye ke? Berapa? Ada satu cardigan color orange I tengok dulu (dulu) quite pricey ok, RM150 plus. I cannot afford la...' (Baca dengan tone sedih)
'Hehe, yang I nampak tu seratus lebih la jugak..'

'Eiii mahal nyaaa. '

'Eh ok lah tu. Cardigan boleh pakai dengan macam-macam.'
'For me, baju over hundred tu mahal ok! I takkan beli lah kalau baju je lebih 100. Bla bla bla....'

Tup tup semalam I beli jugak cardigan tu.
It was just like I wanted (and more?), stick to your skin, flowy, nipis but not transparent, doesn't make me look like I have 3 layers of skin, and most importantly, very practical!
After a brief negotiation with this tiny brain of mine, and my bank account balance, after the 10% discount, I widened my eyes exclaimed 'I want!'
Tak boleh cakap apa, love at first sight.
Yes, love at first sight, you know what they say, one who has not experience it, may never understand!

Mind you I have three pieces of clothes going on my upper ok, the top inside, the cradigan itself, and my tudung. The correct match of materials sangat important (for me). So behold! Yours truly memang super dupeeeeer cerewet.

Yesterday we went for 21: The Movie, a movie based on Ben Mezrich' book, Bringing Down the House. It was okay-lah, a bit slow at the starting but the story developed well, I guess. Since he read the book I keep asking 'Lepas ni apa jadi' but of course I was being ignored. But he did said the lesson learn was (let me quote him) 'orang tamak selalu rugi'.

Btui!! btui!! (ala rindu lah call floor. haha!)

the day my childhood best friend elder brother got married

*This post will be updated from time to time, hence the poor quality pictures.

Last Friday was a wonderful day indeed. Even though I usually spill out how I'm freaking scared to idea of married, but I loooooove seeing others get married, especially those very closed to my heart!

On the remarkable 08-08-08, Nadzwan, the brother of my very best friend get married. It was a simple nikkah ceremony and it was sweet. I told Natasha if I only I can have a simple nikkah like that and she complain something about her not being able to change clothes!

I hate to say this out loud, it's quite embarassing for people of my kind to say this (this is a self-proclaimed cold hearted saying) but,
Oh God I loooooveeee weddings!

Put my name in your wedding quest list ya!

Natasha and her big sister, Nadia, I still think she is one of the prettiest person I have ever met.

This is Little Miss Vain Pots at some strategic place with good lighting.

Haneysa ter-super friendly dalam gambar ni. Damn!

Natasha pesan, tu baju raya dia, so nnti bila raya nampak pakai baju sama, ignore je! Hehe.

i love my paylord

When mother mentioned the mother-daughter shopping trip is to be canceled since the younger brother is having a friendly tournament with the Iranians and Qataris divers, I just cannot help shoving the disappointment look all over my face.

'Habis tournament pukul berapa Ma?' I'm making plan over a plan. how desperate am I?

'Selalunya dlm tengah hari, nant lambat sampai susah pulak carik parking'

'Boleh je kot? On Sunday tak adalah pack sangat macam Saturday.' Buat conclusion sendiri based on the desperation factor.

Mother is silent. I think she is rationalizing the fact too.

Oh god please, I really need a new style. I think my level of confidence is going into the drain with talks and complaints about my clothes, I am bored altogether.

And I need the paylord, with credit card, together with me.

when she has all the time in the world

Since yesterday commenced the day I became the Lady of Leisure (should have sense it by now, hence the three posts in a day?).

Today since the mother has classes to attend, so I took over the job of chauffeuring around the boys to pool, schools, and tuition classes. Just now I had to step into the school office and met with the teacher.

While observing the wardrobe I thought
'What makes me look like a sister with a sense of style?'

Well I have high school teachers to impress, you know.

By the way, when you have all the time in the world, you start to do what girls do best,
over analyzing.

I need to stop messing with my own thoughts.

Now I sound like a miserable girl, who talks about her emotional roller coaster ride everyday, don't I?

Good luck and all the best to Malaysian Contingent to Beijing Olympics!

Especially to Miss Aqua Diva Siow Yi Ting!!!!

One of my favourite things

Favourite songs whilst in the Komuter, Side A.

1. Sweet Talk -The Killers

2. Nice Dreams - Radiohead

3. Set the fire to the third bar - Snow Patrol

4. Fix you- The Offspring

5. Lovers in Japan - Coldplay

6. Whistle for the choir - The Fratellis

my best friend wedding

One of the most awaited event in life of every girl would be her best friend wedding.
It's our very own Sara, and it was wonderful.
Let pictures do all the talking...

More pictures at respective girlfriends' friendster accounts.

shit happens

Things I'm feeling right now is devastated. Yes, that would be the correct word to describe it. But I wish not to mention it in a blog, for many reasons. One being you wouldn't know who might stumble upon this page, so no harm done by keeping in the limit line to public-display-expression.

I am not a risk taker, never am and never will.

On other note, I watched Sex and the City the Movie for two straight nights and every time I saw the scene where Carrie hit Big with the bouquet of roses, and Charlotte furious face to Big, the waterworks magically commenced.

'I know you would do this to me!'

It is beyond sad, beyond furious, beyond devastated.

'I changed who I was for you' - Miranda.
'I love you, but I love me more' - Samantha

I wished I have Samantha's steel-heart, and Miranda radical logic, and Carrie passion.
But I guess I was Samantha, am now Miranda, however lost the Carrie Bradshaw passion along the way.

Last day of working

Today is the last day of working, and I made a confession

'I am someone who find it hard to click, with people I barely knew.

I must say everywhere I went, alone is not a weird thing to do. But here, I made friends.
You guys made it fun and enjoyable.'

Pretty sayings and beautiful sentences are so not my thing, but for this time around...

Glad to meet them. ;p

Saturday breeze

Today is Saturday and since I have to work on alternate Saturdays, so I was literally dragging my ass off the bed to bath. And put on my usual three quarter plain t-shirt, usual jeans, usual flat, usual scarf and usual comment from the colleague
'Kan aku dah cakap budak ni pakai baju sama tiap-tiap hari color je lain!'

Terasa ok.

Luckily Saturday is half-day, so sharp at one I rushed down to catch LRT, then the bus and off to Seremban. Now I am sitting comfortably in front of the pc wondering why all sudden I received so many unfamiliar comments on my posts.

In few minutes need to go fetch Awiem, run errands (ceh, errands?) quickly help with some housework so that tomorrow I'll have easy breezy way out for a full fat day with the BF without my mother common frowning on her head!

Highlights August


This weekend
1) Sex and the City with the BF. Note to myself : Jangan lupa bawa specs!
2) Serious shopping. Someone at work said I bought my tops at some kind of factory since semua design sama, colour je lain.
5) Azra balik Yogja.

Next weekend
1) Nikah Natasha's Nadzwan. (Excited lebih kenape ye?)
2) Figure out how to spend sweet-first-pay Haneysa-wise.
3) BF supposed start off work, kenape I pulak yang nervous ni?
4) Reen's potluck.

Next-next and more coming August weekends
1) 5 years anniversary. *Grin*
2) Ayah Love birthday.
3) Convocation.

Call me for dates ya hommies, I'm home 24/7 after this 5th August!

rising singer in the making, NOT!

Things have been strolling better in time I guess. We were adjusted to the fact of being in the Marketing Line Slavery and o boy! the adjustment took too long to come that we are quitting in 3 days time to come!

Being in marketing is not like testing the water I tell you. It's not the kind of things you do for the sake of doing it. It's about passion, it's about believing in what you sell, or faking it, and it's about making others to believe in what you yourself find hard to believe. For now let just say I crossed out marketing in my future-career line!

Remember the story I told you about singing in front of people?
Well, guess what, I (and Fifa) were chosen to represent the team for a singing contest (in front of more strangers!) 2 weeks back.
I actually sang, ok.
On stage.
With mic and rotating multicolored spotlight behind my back.
And screaming fans shouting
'Go Haney from Serembaaaaaaan!'
'Haney KTM Komuter we looove youuuu!'
and I was like 'Cheer kampung-style lagi, boleh tak?'
the biggest fan would be Zaza, of course, for screaming her lungs out like a crazy woman lost in Linkin Park concert.
There were also Yam and Farah jumping my names and for a second I almost feel like a Mariah Carey. Also Reen, Una and other contestants who never fails to make cheer me up and sing along.

However, I didn't sing the safe song I keep for emergency time like this, but I sang Barry Manilow's Can't Smile Without You with the little dignity left inside of me.

Till now, my colleague still humm 'I caaan't smiiile withouuut you...' when they bumped into me. Some said when they watched Hell Boy 2, they think about me. Sweet, even though every time I hit the high notes I pretend the mic is not working. And when I forgot lyrics I waved my hands and asked audience to sing together, like a pro.

That was by far, the longest 3 minutes 9 seconds in my life (so far) and thank God I have the coolest craziest friends along with me, helping me to rationalize my croaking voice by blaming it on the microphone.


I don't what the hell is wrong with blogspot, or my IE, or is it my pc?
The page keep closing down and it makes me REALLY mad.

I think I need my IT guru. Or my love.

Sarah Pahmi wedding photos still not being uploaded, and for the time being it's impossible since I can only view this page for merely 3 minutes (need to write quick!!!) then it's gonna close down by itself. Me and IT stuff is really-really an ill fated destiny.

More posts to come, I promise!