Welcoming 2008

My handphone inbox is filled with New Year greetings from friends. Allow me some to response to the messages ok, you should know by now I am not particularly someone who would response a sms at once.

So year 2007 is coming to an end. What had been different?
I say none.
I am definitely the person I am in 2006.
However Zaza said I changed to compare with the old me when I first entered UTP. She said I used to be daring and full of confidence.
I beg to differ.
Secretly I hold a long speech of defense to myself which I don't want to verbally convey them.

Yes. Last time I don't care if my top is as tight as my second skin.

Something tells me aging teaches us consequences.
Consequences that you and I cannot bear to face.

The lesson learnt in 2007 is an obvious one.
I learn that people can change.
By change I mean physically, and emotionally.
We have the idea that we know the person secret pockets, but we didn't actually.
Either its a phase of life, or it is for the rest of time.
Well, I'm shrugging my shoulders now. (If you know me, you'll get what I mean.)

Welcome 2008.
I'm graduating next year.
Hopefully I'll be able handing over envelopes contain fat money to my little cousins next year's Hari Raya.
23 years old.
A good age to live a better life ey?

Sad Awakening

Mama went to KL today with the aunt sending the little bossy Dini to Tumbletots in Subang Parade. Can you believe my aunt living in Seremban drives to Subang twice a week for a 45 minutes constructive-play-time or so they called it as a prospect of learning development. Huh. Competitiveness is going too far for a 3 year old baby.

I woke up around 9 am by the ringing of the house line. Once I picked it up, I recognized instantly it was the neighbour Ra'e on the line.
Ra'e : Kak Haney, Ra'e ni. Nak bagitau, rasa-rasanya Rich ada kat sini.
Me : Huhh? Apa? (I don't even care my cracking voice sounds like a mumbling zombie)
Ra'e : Haah. Dia ada sini, datanglah tengok.

I slammed the phone without saying thanks. My mind tried to digest what he just said.

Can it be? After 2 months?
When he says Rich is there.. is he dead or alive?
Is it Rich? Is it really him?

Badly, I wanted to run over there and confirmed it myself before the news to be told to my brothers. I would spare them the devastation if it wasn't him. But I'm wearing boxer and sleeping shirt, with un-washed face, so I told my brothers about the call and casually asked them to check it out. I acted normal. Inside it's like a hurricane worst than Katrina, wishing with my life it is really him they found.

Both of them went there and I sat quietly on the tv room hugging my legs.

When I saw Awiem emotionless face (he must be trying very hard to show no emotion too) from the window and Qusyairi obvious sad look, I know at once it wasn't Rich.

I continued hugging my legs and stared at the blank tv for the next hour.

Melaka (25 -27 Dec)

This is a long overdue entry.
Melaka Trip (25-27 December 2007)

The girls came with Komuter, arrived Seremban, and we headed to Melaka straight away.

Arrived at the condo around noon. I (so does everybody else) felt in love with the place instantly.

The balcony..

Yep yep, it's 2 storey high.

Then as usual, jalan-jalan around town. Me not going write a full report here. Sara, you can have the details mouth-by-mouth (call la babe!)

Ifa dengan pose.. hmmmphft. I letak sini nak pancing distraction u, understand? Hehe.

If angel can be in human form, I believe she's one of them.

I'm still figuring how they can stand all the geli-geli baring atas rumput tu.

Story behind this patricular picture shall not be revealed to generation!
Escp Zu's.

The, Riverside Kopitiam (ke I salah eh?) had banana split, which literally ice cream in banana.

Eleh-eleh cute lah tu.

'Make sure mat salleh tu ada dalam gambar I. Nampak macam France sikit'

Chinn : Ihsan sini banyak shirt cun-cun tapi I takda duit la.
Zu : Four hundred.. four hundred..
Yes I know four hundred is for jeans, I know.... everybody knows..
Next day, brunch at Old Town then off we went to Waterworld!

I'm not sure this photo is permitted here, but till now I haven't received any warnings or sorts..

Well, it was a fun trip!
What I need the most. A break from everything.
Thanks beautiful for the time of my life!
I'm not very good at expressing feelings.
But I know the simplest way is always the right one (and safe)...
What if you and I would never met?

Tagged : 8 Weird Things About Me

I was tagged by Miss Alia Baizura long time ago.
She sent a stern warning about it in the previous entry comment and..
I takda masa lah nak fikir-fikir so here it goesssss

8 (8 je?)weird things about me

  1. I speak secret language with my sister, Durane (read Du-ra-ni it is, not Duran). We give names to people close to use like Mama-Sikumama, Qusyairi-Sikusyairi and my bf, SikuWira and speak to each other with weird accent. Why? don't ask.
  2. This is well-announced-fact that I only dip my food in tomato ketchup. But that is not because I can't stand the hot and spicy.
  3. I like to scare people with ghost stories and scary thoughts about it. I tease them about the possibility of it-may-happen-here-eeeiii. It was me later who find it difficult to go to the loo alone at night because of the story I myself told.
  4. Female singers have little place in my playlist. In short, I prefer male vocals.
  5. I always (always!) scored A Bahasa Melayu during school days. The time I beat the school genius, Nurul Aidah in essay competition , I know my destiny is to write blogs. Well, here I am. Kehidupan...sangat seperti dirancangkan?
  6. I can't wear any lipstick/lip gloss because the lips is easily irritated. I only glide some Vaseline on and still people ask what kind of lip gloss I stick too. One of my proud moments I must say.
  7. If I were cast in Heroes, my super ability would be I can sleep and no earthquake can wake me up once my head touches the pillow. Susah-tidur-malam or in sophisticated term, Insomnia never exist in my vocabulary.
  8. I hate the size of my nose because it always spoil the photo.

There I said it!

Next : Pictures for Dear Sarah who didn't join the trip to Melaka. Awesome trip!

My AidilAdha Story

This time Hari Raya Qurban was somehow unusually different for the family. The neighbourhood of Taman Perwira organised our very own-first-Qurban ceremony unlike years back, we merged with the nearby taman and held the ceremony at their place.

Fyi, my neighbourhood is not that big and there stands approximately 30 houses only. They set up a Qurban team consist of the all family members and put up two large tents to accommodate all of us. And people donated food, drinks and other relevance to support the event which was the first ever held.

A very well-organised team they are, worked and helped each others task. Mamma insisted that I showed myself in the gathering because the neighbours were almost strangers to me. I seldom get to play bicycle around the taman with the kids in the afternoon because I had to attend swimming training and if not, tution. And when I grew up, I left for MRSM and later UTP. (Translate as: I have pathetic childhood?) That explained the 'ooohhhs and ahhhhs' when the mother introduced me to the neighbours. Anyway, I managed not to overdo my sweet-smile during the introduction time.

Ayah was one of the the back bone in the Qurban team, being a handy and ultra-helpful man he always is. Well, you can see him in his favourite fisherman hat with blue shirt in above picture. Upon seeing the splashing of blood bursting from the neck when being sliced, I felt a sense of excitement triggered. Or should I say puas. Scary eh?

' Qusyairi, nama Ari kena panggil. Siapa punya lembu dia kena pegang kepala lembu masa ustaz sembelih kepala dia. Lagi afdal.' I said with a serious face, of course.
'Haaaaaah!!!!? Betul ke Kakni?' Qusyairi replied with obvious scare. Don't blame him though, the lembu keep kicking everything in its one meter radius, including the wind and the air.

I thought the semangat gotong royong is far ages and only appears in sekolah kebangsaan text book. I thought the semangat kejiranan is fading away together with the tolerance with innocence and materials. But today I witnessed an unfamiliar sight where everyone gathered, despite amongst us are friends, acquaintance and strangers.

Later around 3 pm, after everything was cleared up, we left home to rumah nenek and had some feel-good-with-family time till 11.00 pm. My jaw hurt for laughing at Pak Long cracky and stupid jokes. The stomach is bloated at the moment due to over-taking festive food. I hope to gain a couple of kilos to fill in the jeans in the butt area. Heehee.

Tomorrow there will be more family gatherings.

Till then. Selamat Hari Raya Qurban to you.

I'm Back!

I'm back.

We went fishing at Damai Laut.
I am not a fishing type, therefore I sat at the jetty where ayah and the brothers hang out, dipping my feet in the water.
The view was scenic and the water was pleasant and calming.
I felt a strong urge to jump into the water. Seriously!
Ayah said go ahead. He'll watch from the jetty.

I asked ayah
'Ada buaya tak sini?'
I was expecting a no answer.
But my father replied..
'Ayah tak sure...'

Apparently father caught crabs, starfish and catfish. And also jellyfish tentacles.
How scary.

'Tak payah la nak jadi macam dalam movie.
Jumpa air je nak terjun.'
As my little brother put it.

Instead of doing the regular vacation stuffs such as spa, swimming and sauna, I opted to the the laptop watching Kaneizoru Ichizoku, latest Takuya Kimura's series.
And Denzel Washington - Russel Crowe American Gangster.

The pool was crowded with jumping kids, as I expected.
So I decided to sit quietly in the room. (I'm not an outdoor person, so what?)

Sekarang saya demam Denzel Washington.
Cry Freedom, Glory, For Queen and Country, Malcolm X, Pelican Brief.
Here I come!

Of Old Time

Am going to Damai Laut tomorrow till Friday, then straight to Penang to send off Dura.

Were packing just now. And looking for my swimsuits.
I plan to go for a swim, err wait.. let me rephrase that. I plan to go water-soaking, since swimming at hotel's pool is impossible due to crowd and frantic jumping kids (and their alikes).

Then I realised..
My swimsuits are 5 years old.

And they can still can be worn??
Yes they are, amazingly.
That shows how laaaazy I am, in terms of visiting the pool to do decent laps.
By decent I mean full laps without stopping by the pool edge to chat with Azra.
Or moving my arms and legs, in my own definition of grace, impersonating the synchronised swimming routine.
Or doing continuous tumble till I feel dizzy.
The very least I did the past 5 years were swimming the effortless, slow breast stroke like nyonya doing tai-chi I used to witness at the Lake Garden Seremban on my way to school.

Oh, those (I have more than 1, of course, I'm not that pathetic) swimsuits were still in good shape, as in wearable.
But not very fine looking tough.
I desperately need a find new one during Qusyairi's next diving tournament.
And start serious swim laps to put the new swimsuit in good use.

I'm going.
Toodles everyone.
See you on Sunday.

Dwell in the Luxury of Home.

Just hang up the phone after a chat with the bf while rolling on the bed and hugging pillows.

I miss you. Already. Hehehe.

The holiday is great (so far)
Despite that I have to carry the responsibility of an instant-home-maid, scrubbing the floor and ironing the clothes, the endless dishes.

I had to bear some shocking findings in the boys' room including hidden firecrackers under the bed and smelly shirt and jeans that I suspect to be exactly 4 months not being washed.

That is very normal I assume?

And, mama turned 44 yesterday.
My sister and I bought some sort of a ceramic decoration box and she displayed it at the center of the house instantly.

In the afternoon, the aunties and uncles came over, since the little cousins were having Kelas Agama at my house. The parents asked for a favor from a neighbour's child, used to be a friend of ours, now preparing to continue his studies to Madinah to some sort of evaluate the little ones Al-Quran recitation and fardhu ain lesson.
One of my cousin, Hakimi, is very funny. He went to the toilet almost 5 times sebab terkentut lah, nak wee wee lah, lapar lah, haus lah.
But when the mommy gave an almost popped-out-eyeball-stare at his 5th visit to the toilet, he quickly ran to the tv room (where the class were held) and never came out again. I heard the ustaz (we called him ustaz tho he's at Dura's age) complaint to the mother

'Hakimi malas hafal do'a qunut!'

Things at home never fails to amuse me.

Oh, I shall resume swarming under the duvet,
in cold weather,
with good book and
continuous supply of ice cream and banana on the bed...

If only forever is like this...

(ok, lets see how long all these stay in the state of fun)

p/s Bf told that Colbie Cailat is coming next Feb. Hopefully this time it's real!

Lalalalaa Song~

Today is an achievement. I drove all the way from Seremban to bf's house in Melawati !
I am 22 years yes, but according to him, I am like 12.
So that explains the worriness bewildering him when I told him
'I tak tahu jalaaaaaaan..'

Arrived around past 10 am, picked my things from his car, met the niece.
He's so cute like white cotton candy I feel like squashing himmm munching his cheek.
But the uncle was there, takut dia slap I nanti!

Then we went to Pavillion.
Oh yea, then the cendol at his place.

Then drove back to Seremban.

If absence makes the heart grows fonder, well..
it's not even 3 days and my heart has grown as huge as football field already!

Good To Be Back

Honey I'm hoooome...!

Finally. The FYP (it's final year project, for you who not knowing) oral presentation went really really bad. It kinda kick my mental strengh into the drain. I was stripped to my flaws in a lecture hall as big to accommodate 200 people.
They were harsh, rude, merciless and demanding, beyond my expectation.
I suspect that's what life is.

But I guess I'm okay now.

Moving on!

Since I'm back in lovely Seremban (I mean it!), the first day, I went for a hair cut.
Choppy-choppy the scissors went all over my head.
Now I'm short 2 inches of hair.
Oh. It's good. To have texture-defined layers of hair and fashionable-sense (my sense, not yours) of hair parting and fringe.
To add more value in my fashion sense, I started to watch the Project Runaway. (bukan Project Runaway Malaysia laaa, of course!)

Tomorrow I'm driving to the bf's place to pick up my things. Then maybe we'll catch a movie or lunch. What else to do. Adventurous souls are not the kind we are meant to be.
Hanging out at bookstores is what we do best. Together. Hahaha.

What else..
I've seen The Kingdom (of US Superheroes).
Fatin was right. Not that good. I would say the inclination towards the betterment of the west relatively compared to the (middle) east is just plain OFF man.
Very cliche of Hollywood (duh it's Hollywood movie anywaaaay)
Imagine 4 FBI agents against one whole troop of Arab terrorist.

Yea, I'm home. Unpacked done. Organising wardrobe done. Hair cut done.
But Richie's not here. Nobody dare to say anything.
Especially me.


Siapa gelakan idea I letak washing machine dalam cupboard haritu?

The Environmentalist In Me

Click here : Malaysia fastest growing polluter
The UN says Malaysia's carbon dioxide emissions increased by 221 per cent from 1990 to 2004 [EPA] Malaysia's carbon emission growth rate is the highest among the world's top polluters, the United Nations says.

Yes, it's about time.

Lets be realistic that no one alone can help to change the world. But we can do small cute effort ourselves to save the envi ey?

  • Use both sides of A4 papers! The bf always tell me this.
  • Switch off lights, fans, airconds. (pc excluded boleh tak?)
  • Never leave the tap and shower water running while brushing teeth, and shampoo.
  • Those throwing rubbish from the car in highways and roads really deserve a slap on the face. Don't they know plastic is non-biodegradable. Or do you know what non-biodegradable means?
  • Recycle old papers & old books to the old newspaper guy.

To tell you the fact that when I was attached in HSE PDB last time, very few, like tiny weeny developers and companies pay attention to the Environmnetal Quality Act (1974 lagi... I ingat tau!)

Quick example. No.. you can't simply put up a tent beside you petrol station and taa-daa.. open up a car-wash-service. The soapy water will the go to the drain, and flow to the river. Fyi, all the river will be channeled to the water treatment system. However the facilities there were not efficient to remove the 'contaminants' then the exact water will be used by us (yes us!) to mandi, masak, makan. Basically it's like using the water used to wash the car, untuk mandi. Eiiiiii..

Ni yang semangat nak jadi HSE personnel ni.

Wah! Seems like the silent environmentalist in me has started speakinggg!

To My Darlings.

I am pretty bad at goodbyes. Bad in terms of I hate sentimental watery eyes, and the sayings of 'till we meet again'
'I'm going to mis you'
'Bile nak jumpe you lagi...'
and such things.

Why so fuss about goodbyes anyway? Not that were dying or anything. (OK that's harsh)
But, we will see each other are we?
Its not that you are moving to other side of the continent and be back home once a year.

If I were to succumb myself with the overwhelming emotion of goodbyes, let me tell you something.
I will surely break.

Not everybody in the world knows that eh?

In order not to see myself break (and cry of course), I tell them
Oh btw, Besut is our coming vacation together.
We are making sure that seeing each other is not as far as the eyes can't see.
Its just around the corner....

Because I know myself very very well.
If I cry, I couldn't stop.

OK, jangan sentimental. See you at Besut!