it has been 4 months

I know I promised a lot of stuff, but keeping promises is as hard as, uhm, tip toed out of office at 5 pm.

Sad thing, I am amongst the last one to leave, after maghrib that is.

But I'm not complaining, this is far better than the 6 months jobless state I endured.

Now I can say I earn a living. I can now spare my brothers and sister pocket money. The feeling is - priceless.

And I checked with the bf soon after he came back from 3 weeks offshore - are we on still on the same page? and he said Yes. Yeay!

Many things changed. I sing that song too many times already eh? That includes this thing that happened in Kino-

'I'm looking for Confession of-'

'No dear, Confession of an Economics Hit Man by John Perkins'


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bizi kojo ko kak...