of Komuter Seremban-KL

Being a regular Komuter rider and constant KL-Seremban traveller, I'm used to waking up very early in the morning to catch the train and be back at home at night.

Tired is a word I try to throw away from my dictionary.

There are no major worry in the morning usually. Just that I will be so pissed off if my usual spot at my usual coach is taken by someone else.

However after work I have to make peace with myself (and my nose, of course) and sustain myself from being carried away with annoying rude riders that pushed you and pushed you like their live depending on that very train ride.

Secretly I enjoyed that pushing part hence that always secure me a successful spot in the train.

Other than aromatherapy smell that I am so used at the moment, hey, there are more troubled things in the world and I'm not here to complain about smelly Bangladeshi standing next to me proudly exposing his armpits.

Today there was a beautiful, pretty woman looking very pregnant standing while holding the pole and her body swayed side to side.

Around her were comfortably seated guys, uncles, and boys with guilt-free look on their faces. How can they just stare at the lady's bump, I just don't know. Maybe they are more concerned about themselves (like complaining how hard life is after oil price went up) rather than simple 'Mam, you can have my seat, never mind I have strong pair of legs I used to play football everyday'

Of course that never happened.

I tapped the lady shoulder and offered her my seat.

If you think you can pull a guilt-free face sitting in front of very pregnant unstable standing lady, well maybe I cannot afford being friends with you. ;p

If I were to have son someday, I shall make sure he gives up his seats in public places to all ladies, regardless pregnant, age and of course, regardless the ladies are pretty, attractive or not.

I decided to watch Sex and the City the Movie by illegally download it and play them on my pc.
Better than watching the less-20 mins version in the country.

That is very unlike-ly of me, since I have been waiting for the movie since early last year, but after serious consideration with the sister, we decide to enjoy Carrie and the girls like usual old times, on the bed with (normal) altic lansing speaker.

Anybody want to butt in?

Since my pc is in my room, and sitting would be on the bed, no popcorn please ya. I don't want to breed baby cockroaches between my duvet.

are you okay?

Banyak nya stuff to do, banyak nya things to buy,
tapi sikitnya duit ;(

Before that, PDA alert eh.

Last Saturday the bf and I went 'dating'. Err peliknya pakai the word dating. After so long, outings seems so casual, but since we no longer near each other, just say that I hardly closed my eyes the night before we met. So high school-ish.

However on Saturday everyone at work had to wear pink, and frankly I think we all looked funny. The floor looked so amusingly pink that I almost blurted out 'you looked so bad in pink' to some people. Me and my unstoppable mouth! I have one old pink shirt that has holes at some places but I have no other choice to resort to. So I packed my shirt that he liked most and changed into that before meeting with the bf. Again, so high school-ish kan.

When I saw him, I did not let his arms off and I smiled hell lot that it might looked weird to some people (considering my hateful-relationship with the act of smiling). We watched Hancock at GSC Signature and honestly speaking, I am not very fond of the movie pun. Ok je lah.

Had KFC Nuggets for pre-lunch, Dominoes for lunch and Nandos for dinner. Makan semua benda yang teringin-teringin, bestkan ada boyfriend? ;p

The bf is still considering to either jump into automotive or oil & gas. At first I talked him into oil & gas (of course) but reminded by his passion into automotive (well that is what he talked about, most of the times, poor me kan?) I think I'll be okay with anything.

Today one of the most favourite phase at work ws
'Are you okay Haney?'
I heard that so many times that I actually asked them
'Are you seniors are obligated to ask me that?'

are you OK
Will you tell us that you’re OK
There’s a sign at the window
That he struck you
A crescendo, Annie..

Ops, terpanjang pulak entry!

This in a special entry to my boyfriend of five years.

CONGRATULATIONS on your new job!!!

See? Now everything falls into one piece perfectly.
I feel like half of myself completed already ;p.

Many loves,

a girl got to do what a girl got to do

There are always first time to everything, right?
(I sound like a script, do I?)

Last Friday we had to sing in front of everyone. By we I mean the juniors at my work place. By singing I mean standing out front pulling our best voice chords.

Oh my God I never sing in front of strangers before. At first it was very hard to do.
What lingers in my mind that time was..
What song best fit so I won't embarrassed myself with one of my obvious weakness (my voice is terrible) in front of colleague I just met few days?

So I pulled out all the dignity I have in me and sing the safest song in the world
..Just like a star across the sun....
..Just like an angel of the page..
It's Corrine Bailey Rae Just Like A Star!
The safest beautiful song fits my hidden soft voice purrfectly!

Even though I sound nasal due to the mini flu (which according to bf, I always sound nasal when I sing), I actually enjoyed it.
I even swing my legs by the time the song ended.

Note to all : Always have a 'safe' song that you can sing without making yourself look like an over-do. And don't, don't ever ever sing Linkin Park even though you secretly love them so much especially when you are above the age 21.