hello kemello

I don't know where to start. It's like I have been walking on a thin rope all along and I'm at the middle at the moment. To recall from the beginning point would be exhausting, even in wording form.

My workplace is high above the sky. In exaggerating kind of way lah, but still. To take my skinny self there would take around 5 minutes and 2 changing lifts. But swaying myself in heels, I feel almost like a princess of the sky.

But can I say something despite all the complains?

I have my very good friends. I can see Fifa, Zu, Ealya, Fatin, and now adding to the team-Zaza. Everytime I feel things are far from expectations, I can laugh till my stomach hurts during lunch time. When I'm tired from all the confusing corporate talks, I can pick up the phone and giggle and gossip.

We communicate in every sorts of way. Emails, IM, phone, lunch dates. We just can't get enough of each other other, can we?

Anywaaay, say YEAY to long weekend!

It's 7.30 pm and I am still at the office

I just felt like a loser with no life.