come November, yet nothing change

2 reasons why Civil Engineering and Construction and I, hardly blend...

  1. I have terrible fear of heights. Meaning kalau kena lompat longkang, kat tebing tinggi angin kuat, jambatan gantung (!), my tummy akan buat exercise on its own (ops tapi bukan yoga, yoga itu murtad ;p )
  2. I do not like to be bathe in the sun. This radiant skin (bear with me please), which I gained through months and months of in-house-quarantine will turn their back one me after just 10 minutes under hot sun. Penniless I can manage, kusamness-I'll die of humiliation!
Ok, dah, 2 je cukup. Banyak-banyak lemak nanti.
(Mana tau nnti ada future employee terbaca ni, bye-bye future job)

Other stuff going on is that, Fifa will be starting off work next month!!! Weeeeee!!!!
Dengar dia complain pasal EE (that's electrical eng) selama 5 tahun okay. Sekali buat Marketing, tapi takpe, she's easy-goer, sure can fit well punya.

Fa, jgn busy sangat sampai CHANGE.

Ok taknak fikir pasal kerja, this Sunday ada big date. Lama tak jumpa Bf, I need another strong word to describe rindu.

i used to quote that the biggest ship is friendship

I always stand on firm that relationship needs effort. You can expect someone to love you unconditionally, without you loving them as much as well. You can not expect one to remain head over heels for the rest of their loving life, with you looking adorable and pretty, idiotic-ly cute, loud and all initial reasons that made him love you.

You need effort. You have to give out something you may hate to give in. The trick is how to balance that, and make it look effortless to everyone else, hehe. (So you look cool and nampak chill always)

Guess what? I personally think the law applies to friendship as well. Expect the other friend will wait for your return after years, and expect us to be like we used to be? Expect that mere hours from years of absence shall erase the gaping distance?

I hope you get what I mean.

kenapa prison break stops at episode 8?

Today is moody day. I am whole day buat muka, strike on no speaking term to anybody unless necessary, and I don't know what kind of benefit I get from that. Dropped by 7E for Slurpee and Qusyai made a scene by spilling slurpee kat lantai 7E Paroi Jaya tu ha. I said sorry to the cashier girl, and I totally mean it.

The bf was asking me on how I would like his new room to be decorated. He even said to put on some long cushioned chairs by the window for my reading pleasure. I must say he's becoming cool-er and sweet-er since kerja ni.

And I saw ridiculously cute kittens abandoned at the pool. Btw kenapa orang macam tak ada akal nak tinggalkan kucing kat swimming pool? Bukan ada cafe ke, kantin ke, kucing-kucing tu boleh makan. Need to borrow cages from friend kalau nak bawak kucing balik. But house is a mess at the moment. Takut kucing sesak nafas sbb sini dusty dgn construction work.

Anyway, nnti kucing kat rumah yang sekor ni, dia terasa tak kalau I bawak balik kucing baru?

a common Saturday of my life

And this is one of my favourite cousin. I like him because he's chubby, fat, kerek gile (I find it HOT!), and has smile that can melt my cold heart away.

First, we went to Bukit Antarabangsa, which according to bf, orang sana panggil B.A (oh ye ke, mana I tau, type sms siap penuh lagi B-u-k-i-t....) for open house at KakNgah Fazlin. Traffic was bad, my father berleter, semua buat muka ketat dalam kereta. I on the other hand did not offer to drive at all, since I didn't bring my glasses. And yes, I quit lenses. Benci mata always dry, end up terkenyit-kenyit je.

Then we drove (we? I mean my father, I slept the whole way ;p ) to Putra Heights for some old good times with family. Tengok rumah baru my uncle, comment nenek
'Besar berdengung rumah kau Haruuunnnn..!'

Then balik, pening kepala (sbb bangun pagi) and my neck hurts (sbb tidur banyak dalam kereta).

On the different note, I slept late yesterday listening to Snow Patrol, Hundred Million Suns! Haha, ada ke orang tidur lambat dengar whole album (ade Chintet! orang takde keje!) and I must, must say I love it!

Personal favourite
-If There's A Rocket Tie Me To It
-Crack The Shutters
-Set Down Your Glass
-Sebenarnya semua suke.

Ok, later aligator.


They told me be careful
They said be weary of you
They warn persistence is the fatal flaw,

I find myself waiting
Find myself hoping that you
One day fall into my open arms

But it's ok, you can just call me friend
Even though I mind I'll just take the backseat again
In the end I'm here
In the end just sit and stare
The season change not making way
As I'm just waiting waiting waiting for you..

p/s the lyrics of the song (and the vocalist fray-like tone ) has been haunting me all day. layan je lah orang tak ada kerja ni. and tengah ter-inspired dengan finale Project Runway Season 5.

a desperate attempt of an unemployed

Just now, when I read Fifa's 'recommendation' to use my blogspot profile photo for my resume, I laughed kuat gila ter-annoyed Mama yang tengah layan drama Melayu TV3.

But then, I realized, that in fact, maybe that's the reason why I haven't heard from PETRONAS.
Maybe because my resume-photo is not 'captivating' and 'eye-catching' enough?

So I made a little decision. I akan replace gambar resume I dengan salah satu gambar di bawah...

CHOICE NO 1 - budak ni nampak selekeh, calon baik jadi engineer. civil.

CHOICE NO 2 - nampak macam people person, boleh jadi HR personnel.

CHOICE NO 3 - (kalau diorang baca blog I, they'll know...)

CHOICE 4 - susah gilaa nak dapat momentum senyum mcm ni, slalu either terlalu excited nampak semua baris gigi, or muka kerut garang macam katak. This one just nice, this image kena carry dalam resume kot?

In comparison with this! Buruk gila mengucap je lah.

Jangan risau, weight kat atas tu dah akan ditambah 4 kilo lagi. So tak nampak macam skinny cheese stick, yang maybe bagi perception ada physical barrier!

Keane new album is out

I love the cover

Being another, ordinary, self proclaimed Keane fan, I jumped when my PA in entertainment relation (bf lah tu) told me to dload their new album -Perfect Symmetry.

But much much to my disappointment, track no 1 to no 4, I seriously cannot tolerate.
Escp Spiralling yang macam Maroon 5 meet Keane meet Jennifer Paige. Macam terlolong-lolong pun ada.

Tapi track 5 above ok la. Not that melodic and melayang-layang as I expected, but ok boleh dengar dalam kereta, dalam komuter, or teman mop lantai dapur.

Anyway, I like these (indirectly telling those yang malas dengar whole album macam Fifa)

- Perfect Symmetry
- Playing Along
- Love Is The End

Btw, dengarlah whole album, mana tau nanti lagu keluar Gossip Girl ke, One Tree Hill ke, boleh jerit
'Eh tu lagu baru Keane!!'

Tapi kalau tengok Gossip Girl sorang-sorang pakai headphone je pulak tu, tak payah la jerit kot?

the day ampangan bergegar sikit

this is rambling over a glass of coke

Ok, gambar profile baru I mcm agak disturbing ye. Kalau baby orang tua cakap tak elok pandang dia angle macam tu, nnt dah besar juling. ;p

I am still in Raya mood, hence yesterday we went all out beraya and camwhoring (bahasa budak-budak remaja sekarang). Hey it' s hard to have all the 'berries' together for once. So instead of Berries-The Usuals, I called it Berries-Reunited (Paan came back frm The States for good).

And last two days, we went bowling. Ye, semua, main bowling after almost 8 years (that would be me). Dulu tak silap main kat Parkson yang ada strange vibe je escp dalam lift. Even though the place was beyond pathetic, I did not blend in with the environment.

Contractor dah start kerja. Privacy invasion! Tingkap bilik must be kept closed to avoid dust, and the workers suka tenung-tenung bila I jemur kain.

Bukan jemur kain berkemban pun. (Meaning?)

Open House rumah Suraya

Hari Raya Re-Celebrated

Ayah came back from offshore and we went all out to celebrate him. In photos are extended family of Ayah's side, my super cranky aunties, cool cute nenek and quiet uncles.

Photo taken by Mr Hafiiz.

My mother and I. Do we look alike?

after more than 5 weeks

After more than 5 weeks from being (physical) absent, we finally met each other yesterday. No running with open arms like those Hindustan movie with melancholic songs as the background ya.
But I did giggle and laugh nervously in the car, malu lah konon! Menyampahkan?

Let me spare you the detail of our outing, but I must tell you we had 2 Nandos meals for the day, one in OU and another one in Midvalley. Hah! Ada orang tu dah sukaaaa gila Nandos and take back what he said about Nandos back then.

And we met Mok and his gf (I still don't know what her name is, but we used to call her 'Kakak gf Mok' haha malu kalau dia tau!). Nice to see UTP pair still goes a pair.

I wanted to buy the Topshop jeans, but later I said 'It wasn't necessary'
I wanted to buy the Pull and Bear tee, but I told myself 'It's not that necessary'
Bila dah ade duit, susah betul nak spend ye?

I call the day as, My strong-self against consumerism force.

the routine

Seriously, I get tired of people asking me what have I been doing the past 4 months.

Pssst, I still have ample money in the account, from previous paycheck. When I feel like a loser, I went eyebrow shaping. Or manicure pedicure. Or facial. Or shopping. Or calling friends and talk.

Or do you want to know bit by bit, minute by minute what I do everyday?

I know you don't but I'm telling anywaaaay!

10.00 am - I usually get off bed at this time. Nobody's home. Peek on the pc and see how the movies/series downloading. Grab a cup of coffee. Sit back in front of pc. Hah! Macam kat UTP dah.

10.30 am - Breakfast. With more coffee. Bawak pinggan bfast to the tv room. On tv, straight away click on channel 411, then 412, then 413. Half way through bfast went to start off the washing machine. Then continue eating slowly sambil selak-selak fringe yang annnoying tutup-tutup mata. Kalau bengang sangat cakap 'Argggghh!' berenti makan sekejap pegi carik sepit rambut.

11.00 am - I used to be an avid newspaper junkie, now not anymore. Wash the dishes, clear the sink, wipe dry the dishes, minimals everything you can ever found on the kitchen cabinet by putting/rearranging them in the drawer. I think I am the only living person in this house who likes to keep things minimalist. Vacuum floor. Twice/thrice a day mop the floor.

11.30-12 noon - Jemur baju. Sambil jeling-jeling maids neighbour sebelah yang sure gelak sebab pukul 12 tengah hari baru nak ampai baju. Sebab kejap lagi dalam 2 jam sure kena angkat balik - hujan.

12-1.oo pm - Vacuum the house, lipat baju yang kering semalam. Clean up brothers' room sambil menyumpah-nyumpah. Usually at this time my parents will be home from chores/market/datings/outings whatever you call it. Open the door, they surely will greet me with 'Haney tadi bangun pukol berape? ' 'Pukul sembilan...'

1.00 pm - Mandi! Put on comfortable clothes, put on toner, moisturizer and all that consumerism crap I fall into. Comfortable clothes meaning boxers at night, and non-low cut jeans at noon.

1.30 pm - Prepare for lunch. Prepare je, bukan masak. Tapi sekarang dah rajin sikit peek mama at the kitchen buat muka cool (ego taknak mengaku nak belajar masak, hehe). Then pergi jemput adik-adik sekolah. Wajib pakai oversized shades since I don't want my bother's friends to say 'Weyyh Qawiem mak kau dah sampaiiii...'

2.00 pm - Lunch with family.

2.30 pm - Clean up own room, spray-spray perfume around the room, lay comfortably on bed, pick a novel and read. Sambil gosok-gosok kaki bawah bantal. Heaven!

4.00 pm - Kalau hujan alihkan baju-baju ampaian. Kalau tak pergi hantar Qusyairi diving kat Paroi Jaya. Ini tak pakai oversized shades pun takpe, sebab tak ada sape-sape nak impress.

4.30 pm - Online. Tengok movie kat pc. Text/Call bf. Kalau boring, pergi iron baju. Serious ni!

6.00 pm - Online lagi. In between iron baju-baju yang berbakul-bakul. Aware sikit dgn fon, sbb bf dah habis keje so we usually talk.

7.00 pm - Wait for Maghrib. Duduk lepak-lepak depan tv tengok The Nanny sambil makan ice cream with banana atau kuih karipap. Marah adik-adik sebab everyday kena ingatkan tutup tingkap. Angkat kain baju kat ampaian.

8.00 pm - Hantar Qawiem tution. If not, tengok Oprah. Ye, I tak tengok news langsung.

9.00 pm - Selalunya online. I'm a blog-stalker, online shopping browser, movies addict, series junkie. All together I am an internet-whore.

10-11 pm - Gayut dgn bf sampai (dia) nak tido. Sebab esok dia keja, I tak.

11 - God knows when am - Kalau rasa inspirational update blog. Or blog hopping. Lately addicted to fashion blogs.

That's all. Pretty same things everyday, and quiet similar dengan job scope maid sebelah-sebelah rumah. Allowance pun lebih kurang sama kot? Maybe I dapat privilege drive Honda City Mama, makan ice cream atas katil, online internet, and bila mama suruh siap meja dinner boleh cakap

'Gimme 10 minutes, habiskan The Nanny dulu!'

Hari Raya Ke-4

Well, well yesterday was a interesting.

Entertaining guests, till after Maghrib, then off to 2 open houses.

One is Atikah's, who hold an open house, so I get the chance to met familiar old faces.
Reminiscing moments with Atikah and her parents, how different it was during our time, dulu pergi competition dapat RM300 pun dah eksyen habis kira banyak kali depan mak bapak.

Qusyairi dengar macam bengang je.


'Ingat tak coach yang kedekut yang kita semua tak suke tu?'
'Hah? Sapa kedekut? Andy ke?'
'Bukan Andy..!'
'Oohhh Kwan! Yang botak-botak tengah tu ye'

I'm back in the Land where Every Dish Is Cooked In the Color of Yellow.

Gambar macam iklan Adabi. Whatever!

Drive back from Teluk Intan at 9 am, and reached home around 12noon. Quickly unpacked luggage and quietly closed the gate door (to avoid kids, we hardly have time to unpack, let alone assemble kuih raya!)

Then went to Nenek's House somewhere in Seremban. Happily stuffing my small hand bag with big fat cash. Yippie! Being unemployed does create a HUGE sympathy factor!

Money can buy happiness I tell you. Those who say otherwise didn't know how and where to shop.

My Hari Raya was not quiet meriah as it used to be. In Teluk Intan we just sat home entertaining endless guests. Since there is shortage of human force, I had to change to baju rumah at 2 pm to take care of the dishes on the first day of Hari Raya itself. Grrrrr....

'Tak boleh pakai cawan kertas, orang tua-tua kena hidang pakai cawan berlapik' Tapi guest ada 30 orang, and adik beradik belah mama je 12, sape basuh pinggan? I jugak!
'Jangan pakai jug tu, pakai jug yang ada bunga je' Apa beza bunga tak bunga?
'Jangan buat buffet style, nanti ada yang tak sempat makan' Siapa nak turun naik dapur angkat hidang kalau tiap2 dua jam ada orang datang?

Tapi yang italic tu jawab dalam hati je la.
Sabar je la layan elderly yang bossy ni kan!

hey you!

Well, I didn't know the internet connection is available at Opah's! If I knew earlier you can expect whole loads of posts in between my 'kopek bawang' and 'merebus ketupat' session!

Yeahhh right!

Maybe I can upload photos!

Kan? Kan? Kan?

To Siti Sarah Pahmi, macamana raya di Perth berdua?