When Only Water Can Calm Me Down

HRM presentation today went exceptionally well! Yeay! Apparently we have our very own Dr Rohani protegee in the group (hint: zaza). We have two very silent group members (almost mute) but all the covering up by us the girls went smooth too.

Am waiting for them to show up from Ipoh. Need to jump into the pool asap. This head is exploding and my heart is jumping when I asked the bf to stop at the pool to make sure the water is clean and crystal-like. A lot of times the pool is greenish and mouldy.

UTP pool greenish and mouldy? Happen all the time okay!

The Internet still sucks big time. At the moment my cable is not connected what the hell. That explains the wrong spelling from previous entry. Nak edit post memang impossible.
Becoming internet-dependent is so not cool anymore.

Btw, tengoklah Juno. Juno-the movie in case you didn't know.

Later, alligator. Take care (yeah right).

I Am A Complainer

Internet here in UTP is very shittttyyy.
Actually the f word is more appropriate, but since I reserved the f word for very-very shitty events.

I have my own cursing hirarchy you know.
Shit is for something very shitty. Such as you forget to do the homework, you left your bags and went back lenggang kangkung.
Bodoh is for something quite funny, but stupid of course. This kind of word is fully utilized when I speak to Fifa. A lotof bodohs she got from me, I hope it won't turned into a doa or something.
Shoooooot! is when something suprising/shocking happen to my dear characters in tv sereis. Liek when Robin kisses ******. Or when Claire was voted off the ANTM 9.
Fuck. So far, I used f words twice. First when I got A-(remember last time post-internship tu?) and my second f word is when I hit a dog. Err no, not exactly when I hit the dog, but when I pulled over and noticed I broke the bf's fog lamp and ran that RM200 piece, I shouted faaaark.

The dog didn't die instantly btw. It ran away to the other side of the road. And no, it's not entirely my fault!

Anyway April babies, Happy Birthday. Sorry I wasn't at the 'celebration'. Being a good graduating student I am here. Really. I didn't even watch movie this week.

I was damn scared to sleep alone in the house this weekend, so I put on FRIENDS in Winamp (replay mode) and switched on all lights. Luckily, I am an easy sleeper.

Again, UTP internet is so shitty.
Kalau I private student dah complain kat surat kabar.

Pre-Graduating Syndrome #2

It's weird how people can be so ignorant as simple as not parking their car appropriately in the invisible box. Thus causing other difficulties to park theirs.
It's weird when you ask the owner of a photography shop what time they open, and they settled with answer such as 'Tak tentu dik, kalau tak ada kerja buka awal lah'. Hm...
It's weird people self proclaimed they are fashion expert when they mis-match pieces finally come out so wrong and ugly. (oh yes they are!)
It's weird why you had spend bulk of time, effort and sweat on your project, but in the end you have all the problems in the world in front of you.
It's weird when you used to think that Coldplay Parachutes album was noise. But now you listen to them all over again and overwhelmed with complicated emotions.
It's weird when you can write something for others as fluid as water but when it comes to your own work, you got stuck at the third sentence for half an hour.

It's getting weirder when you were looking for Writer/Editorial work instead of civil or structural positions. Ironically I am the one who rejected the offer to pursue English 5 years back.

Am I doing the right/wrong thing?
Or is it just you always want things you could not have?
Or you could never know the answer to that?

Of Old Times

I just realize something.
When browsing through the old certs (FYI, I’m sorting them, Petronas interview finally this Saturday)....

My one and only sports, is swimming.
*Please jangan cakap duhhh dlm hati*

During form 2 I tried to venture my physical abilities into other field. Then I learn I can actually run long distance! Again thank you swimming for expanding my lungs, providing me with long breath and so-so strong legs (back then not so wobbly I promise you). Hence I represented the MRSM in MSSD Hulu Perak (where orang asli chickas rulez, yeahhhh), and please know I came second last. Ohhh well. Back then I blame the flying tudung that I suspect aerodynamically a disadvantage me. Now I'm digesting the fact I'm simply not a runner.

Ok, kita lupakan juga sport-sport lain seperti netball, futsal (girls+futsal =ayam?) dan anything sorts. My agility is in comparison with big fat cat who loves to cuddle himself on a wool carpet-won't even care to move when someone's vacuum cleaning next to him.

If my parents were to fall for my ten thousand excuses and ill-face I faked to escape swim training, I won’t be counting certificates as I am today.

Thank you mama, ayah.
Oh I miss them now.

There are two things in this world that can make me grumpy instantly

  1. By clothes ruined (by others)
  2. My books went MIA (again, by others)

So when I was drying my hair with towel, I usually stare at my bookshelf, doing inventories to identify any missing books. I noticed something not quite right. Not the way it was.

I noticed my books arrangement is unfamiliar. And my Dina Zaman's I Am Muslim is not at sight!

It's not my favourite book, and not very expensive either. I think it's like reading Dato Lat cartoon put in words, in a single oh-I-can-do-everything girl version. (phew that was long.)

But still, it's mine and I did went down from the Tower 1 to Kinokuniya with reason 'To renew driving license'.

Me : Ma, ada orang pinjam buku Haney ke?
I assume that because my aunties used to ask for permission from my parents which sometimes, hmmm... toying with my patience since they never return them!

She said no. I get confused. Asking my brother is like drinking air, but it worth the try.

Me : Awiem ada pinjam buku Kak Haney ke?

Awiem : TAK -ADA.

Me :Ishh, pelik lah. Mana buku I Am Muslim?

Awiem : Oh! Ada-ada Awiem ada pinjamm..


Me : Kau ni kalau pinjam letaklah balik! Ni baca buku Dina Zaman ni apasal? Gf suruh ke apa???

What If People Forget Your Name?

Ok this took place several days back. At V4 Cafe (long gone the bestest nasi tomato, girls).

Me : Ita! Ita!
I called her from far. But she did not look like she heard me.
So I tap her back.

Me : Ita! Poster dah confirm ke size Ao?
'Haney, nama kite bukan Ita la. Nama kita Zura.'
'Kecik hati tau'


Ok this one took place just one hour back. Went to Emel (is this how her name spelled?) house for some free laundry, since the ever loyal washing machine had been confiscated by Mr Meor (kemek-faced)
I entered the house, some EE people sort of having discussion when suddenly a girl shouted at me
'Eh kita dah pass report kat Najwa nanti ambil dari dia ye'
Me : Huh?
'Haaa.. report tu dah ada kat Najwa bla bla bla'
Me : Apa kena mengena I dangan Najwa? Najwa EE, no whatsoever connection with me.
So I stared at her with a smile on my face, waiting for her to realise she had mistaken me for someone else.

'Ehhhhh ehhhhh you bukan Fifah! Uh tersilap la. Ingat kan Fifah....!'

Me : Macamne boleh silap?? Hhahahah (forced gelak to break the tension) Fifah kan tak pakai tudung????

Tapi, for sure, I tak kecik hati pun.

Cepatlah Habis Study

By the end of this half-year, I will not be

  • listening to Lifehouse, Oasis and Corrinne Bailey Rae (at night) anymore.
  • squeezing in How I Met Your Mother and FRIENDS in between breakfast and coffee break.
  • drinking nescafe twice or thrice a day.
  • toast bread and butter.
  • sit on plastic chair with thin layer of cushion.
  • stare at the monitor as close as 3 inches-instead grabbing the glass next to me.

Had enough of them already.

Jangan Harap

Jangan harap..

  1. Jangan harap I nak pakai baju kurung pergi kelas. Panas. Walking at my usual pace would be impossible and a struggling young geisha may give you the general picture.I think I look, helpless.
  2. Jangan harap I nak pakai eyeshadow. Haha tak reti sebenarnya. But no, the ideas of putting colors on the eyes still foreign to me.
  3. Jangan harap I nak berbaik-baik dengan junior just-because. By know you should sense I am never the friendly type. I speak to those I want to speak period. Sombong? I don't mind that. Some kids will be vacating the house for Petronas Edu Camp and I'll kick their asses for sure!! Hhahahaha. Err..on the second thought, I may not.
  4. Makan ayam part thigh. No excitement there. But the bf does. I call him Upin Ipin.
  5. Jangan harap I would spend on things I don't use. Practicality is my most priority. Fifa says I think too much before I buy. But bf says the opposite. But I love the pink Clinique lip gloss, but I'm aware deep in my heart after several put-ons my lip will cracked like a bad mixed concrete.
  6. Jangan harap I would understand what I'm studying, until the very last hour. Even I bury my face in it for days, understanding will come to me at the very last minute. Yes under pressure I work wonders. I am the ultimate super procrastinator, only that it always come a little too late.
  7. I am so not into the Self-Development stuff. So don't speak The Secret language with me. Or Stephen Covey-ing me. The trouble to listen (and digest) to motivational self-help is well breed since I was born.
  8. Again, jangan harap I would completed my work until the very last minute. That explains when I only have 2 months to finish my degree, only now I realise Damn banyak gilaaaaaa kerja FYP I!!!!!!! I swear I will not sleep for this two months time..!

Pre-Graduating Syndrome #1

Shed me some light here please.

All we are talking about is life afterwards. Questions were repeated, yet no answers seemed to surface.

When you are about to jump into another phase or stage in the next chapter of life, we tend to see who are on the other side. Is there someone to catch us? Do we believe in that person?

Do we dare jump?

I consider myself lucky as I have the best emotional support I can ever ask for. I have a relationship which linger no near the grey areas. Believing in the person is not easy and never simple.

People change, how can I forget? But now, let put aside that truthful fact and do not get worry for things you don’t need to worry yet. It’s a waste of time and energy.

I am excited; I can not hide it any longer.

Job Hunt Starts

It's been two days sitting up late at night forcing myself to fancy some interview tips.
The job hunt started officially yesterday.

We had a two-day career fair, TEC in the campus.
We had good (not so good lah actually) time swimming in the pool of big fat rich oil companies.
Papers and papers of resume flying baove our heads, and some major broken bones were identified due to stacks of forms to be filled.

Kids, learn.
CGPA just matter.