dress down outing

I love dress down outing. It means that I get to wear flip flops and he gets to put on his favourite shorts and we avoided huge malls and just hang around singing (and dancing) in the car.

I took the altered CK pants (God bless Christmas sale!) from Aunty Magic. Seriously if you are still wondering where to alter pants/blouse/whatever go figure Aunty Alternative at Wisma Central. Ground floor you can never miss it. Reasonable price and she can alter anything under the sun at good price! Hence the name Magic.

Then went lepak kat Old Town Jln Yap Kwan Seng. Then taktau nak buat apa bf pandang muka I, I pandang muka dia, muak pandang each other pergi OU jumpa Jackson at Russell. My very metrosexual bf wanted to have his hair cut. The super bushy-helmet-shaped hair and janggut yang sejemput dan awkward, he looks like someone from Ashahbul Kahfi (ok tak funny).

Sekali Jackson off day. Jangan you berani nak pergi SAW potong rambut dengan perempuan Jade hot tu haaa.. Hehehe

Oh in between ada lah episode duet Pussycat Dolls, conversation like U-rasa-I-independent-tak kind of talk, repeated jokes and stories.

He hopes that I would enjoy my PIPE.

I suka bf I semenjak kerja ni dia pandai betul ambil hati and petah bercakap. Haha.

the last weekend


This is my final unemployment weekend.
People in Seremban, lets get wicked before I rotate my days into auto-pilot.

Things I must do

  1. Have white coffee at Old Town Jusco preferably, not alone.
  2. Go for a swim. I have lower back pain and its scaring me off!
  3. Pack for Permata.
  4. Paint the room.
  5. KWSP for address changing. Since when I duduk kat Pasir Mas Kelantan???
  6. Start (to try) read Twilight. Must must try hard!
Yet the bf attended one of his schoolmate wedding and I said
'Ramainyaaa kawan you dah kawin. I ni asyik pergi wedding kakak dengan abang kawan-kawan I je...'

Kalau I jadi you mesti I pening tak ada baju dah nak pakai. Haha.
Speaking of which,
Fifa esok I recycle baju je. Sorry!

my sister went away and a part of me went with her too

So you know we sent the sister to Penang. And lucky Penangites they get to enjoy free wifi broadband for the whole island (incoming).

Now I don't have cooking partner. We used to cook lunch and towards the evening we cluttered the kitchen with measurement spoons, spilled flour and quarreled over the correct speed of Kenwood mixture. Trust me, if I were alone, I won't spend more than 10 minutes in the kitchen let alone cook.

I find no self-satisfaction in cooking. You know? Lepas masak tak ada rasa apa-apa. Biase jeee.

She used to hate me when I start flipping my books. She said I look horrible and intense-ly not pretty when I'm drowning myself into the so-called deep emotion. Sometimes I read under the comforter, or hide my books with a huge pillow or sneak the book into the toilet (haha kidding!).

Or else she starts screaming at me.

We fight, we scream at each other. When we were extremely mad mula lah tukar style address each other kau-aku. If not we have special names for each other like lovers even the parents wonder what they meant.

Secretly I hate her steady boyfriend because I'm afraid they are going to get married and left me nobody I could actually speak to in this house.

Haha gila paranoid, fyi she's younger than me by 2 years.

Tag by Mrs Sarah Pahmi

List these rules on your blog.

* Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog.
* Tell 7 unspectacular quirks on yours.
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So here it goes...


1) I'm attracted to happy funny hilarious people.

2) I will not wear ill-fitting pants/tops. The fitter the better. Hehe.

3) I pretend to like Will Smith just to blend in with people who do.

4) I have trouble going to the loo every morning. Get me?

5) I put one this fierce looking face just so that people don't bully me.

6) I have no allergies towards anything accept for dusts.

7) One thing I can never tolerate is bad odour/smell of anything. I have a nose as powerful as the mouse.


1) I don't know the meaning of the word quirks.

2) There's a dictionary beside this keyboard but I'm too lazy to look it up, so I just assume, ok?

3) I say weird things because there are a lot of unorganized stuffs inside my head.

4) One of the reasons I love my bf to death is his skills and passion to put up with my shopping crave...eh needs. Shopping needs.

5) I like to describe things. And usually I demand that from others too.

6) I judge people by their choices of musics and movies. And I don't see any harm passing initial judgments. They are to be broken, anyway.

7) I think male is the better gender! Ok kill me now!


1) Hani. I like her style.
2) Alia B. Cheer up ok!
3) Mei Yuan. Kenapa suka post entry hanging. I was like what happened? What happened?
4) Niema.
5) Bzr, dude I know you like talking about yourself haha.
6) Pitya
7) Stalkers. Friends anyone?

back from PD

Here are the results from PD

  1. My fat cousins were not so impressed with my swimming skills. They are too scared to enter the adult pool anyway.
  2. My siblings and cousins and I were very ambitious to touch the pink buoy that was around 300 meters off the shore. And we did!
  3. Ayah brought along the boat. So we ride hundred times. I tried to maneuver the boat but it ain't easy as it looks.
  4. Siapa-siapa ada issue I pakai tudung macam kat bawah ni, keep it to yourself. The damage is done!

choco break!

I'm sorry for the lack of updates, I'm too busy indulging time with myself. Dealing with HR, shopping for work wear, spending time with actual people (blog people isn't real to my definition hehe).

Where are you dear? Haven't heard from you since Tuesday. You said you email...?

Today I'm going to PD for a weekend with the family, cousins and uncles and aunties. I packed my swimwear, sunblock (I won't trade fun for kusam-ness, NEVER!), armours (books, iPod, magazines) and all set to go for a swimming good-time with big fat cute cousins. I'm gonna show off my swimming skills to win their heart. I'll pretend to drown and tickle their feet and dive underwater to impress them. I'm all planned up, Yeay!

I dah beli satu baju kerja ok. You kalau tengok mesti you buat muke tengok ruffles banyak sangat. Or you'll say 'Bukan mainnnyee..' But I like. I even emailed you the picture. Go check.

Then on Monday I'll leave for Teluk Intan to meet the Opah. The day after we'll go to Damai Laut with the cousins of mom's side. I'm not really close with them because they are all very quiet (I nampak macam from another planet bila I buat muka excited). But it's ok. I'll try to maintain my composure and be the sweet big sister they never had.

Call me. I miss. You.

this is my third cup of coffee

You know, my mom has a habit. She will not make/cook anything my father's favourite when he's not around. For example, my father loves his dark coffee, and his daughter loves them as much as he does.

So when the father is away to work for two weeks, this poor little girl struggle to make her own cup herself. But of course it doesn't taste the same. The bitterness, the creamy taste, the color intensity, the aftermath of every sip, just not as same!

But yesterday, when the father came home, and today she wakes up jumping off the bed and straight to the dining table and see the favourite coffee filling in a big huge mug.
Her mug.
She smiled, and rub her sleepy eyes.

It also proves that, she is, easy to please.

cheese cake with crushed oreo bottom and fresh strawberries topping

We (as in the sister and I) make desserts quite every day. Last time was Chocolate Cake with extra chocolate topping, Chocolate Pudding, and sampailah ke Pengat Pisang.

Tomorrow we'll be making cheese cake. Yeay!

Btw, here are some pictures during Fifah's birthday at TGI kat tepi jalan tu i pun tak ingatlah nama jalan tu, duh I bukan orang KL ok. Almost a month ago, but since friendship is supposed to have no expire date, uh what am I talking about? Tengok (grab) je lah.

To Zu : Thank you for the email, even tho it took you forever to send me. I appreciate it, thanks!
To Fifa : Fa, we need serious shit punya bonding session.
To whoever physically not there that night : Can make up with us thru real-phone calls, or any effort towards future meeting ups. Sarah exempted since she's not in the same continent.

I sound familiarly garang kan? One of reason terkejut bf away lagi this weekend. Another reason tanya Zu, dia tau.

there is a reason why i prefer not to talk to strangers

Like today for example. I waited at Twin Tower Medical Center from 9am to 12.30am with growling stomach that matched the roar of baby tiger. There were plenty of (old) glossy magazines which I read skin to skin, until my neck felt painful from the bowing down reading.

At the waiting area (had to wait for blood test, X-ray, audio metric test etc etc) there were a lot of people. Foreigners, senior staffs, hardly anyone I can hello to. But there was one particular lady (I guess the same age of mine) that physically speaking, seemed relate-able.

It took me hours to say hi. (We were sitting side by side for couple of hours, must I stand firm on my egocentric behavior?)

Then we talked. Common stuffs. Like what are you doing here, names, little background. Until she started to shot some personal questions.

Dear readers. I think it's inappropriate or kinda rude to ask things like

'How many A's did you score for your SPM?'
'With that (not so) many A's how can you get a scholarship from PETRONAS?'

After 5 minutes of introductory conversation, she asked

'Berapa basic gaji you nanti yee?'

Ok, tu belum habis lagi, bila dia keluar hp and tanya
'Apa number hp you eh? Nanti I dah kerja sini boleh kita lunch together'

I don't know the nicest way to say to strangers that I don't do random exchanging hp numbers.

Sikit lagi nak bagi hp number bf. Tapi nanti dia tau apa pulak dia fikir kan
'Ei budak perempuan tu psycho orang minta hp number pun tak bagi, bukannya nak ngorat pun!'

I psycho ke?