Hello July

After two miserable days with annoying headaches and runny nose, I recovered well.
Too well that I managed to pull myself out to work with the Holy Good Monday Spirit!

(I did put on heels today-that is a good sign of Good Spirit)

Ade lah tak boleh cerita sini.

The things is, I like my friends there.
People from UTP used to be very kiasu (they need to be) and very different.
A lot of times I feel suffocated and find it hard to actually click.
They are so nice that I'm afraid I might break them with my natural charm, that is, my sarcasm.

But now my friends at work are those who can make a silly kindergarten game into a hilarious one, that I laughed till my tears dropped.
Things here are so easy breezy, no annoying attitude observed till day 9 (accept mine?) and they are so open up to everything.
They don't care if you're are different, or just as same.
That I am able not to fake my laugh just to blend in.
Or make small talk just to cross the awkward bridge.
You know what I mean?

One month to go, and then we'll be off separate ways.

Tsk tsk, hand me tissue

Down with fever since yesterday.
Hardly remember sore throat can be this painful.
And this slimy nose is like a garden water hose.

I have outstanding unbreakable record of not being sick for a very long time. Last time was the food poisoning that is almost 2 years ago.

Semua sebab buah mata kucing punya pasal lah nii.

Now thank our parents for thoughtful names and for making us not being the joke-point at school

I am still amused how people pronounced my name very weirdly.

Somehow they managed to twist their tongue and re-arranged the alphabet into unimaginable sequence…

Ha-ney-sya is very normal. Unacceptable but normal.
I once called Hanessy by my Highway Engineering Lecturer and I granted him an angry stare.
He apologized profusely, so I let it go.
They were also Ha-nei-shia. That one is also forgiven since I was given that name during my Mandarin class.

I always have hard time to decide either to reveal my special(lah sangat) nickname when introducing my self for the first time, since I ‘malas’ to undergo all the wah and ahhh when I told them to call me Haney.

Lagi malas bila argue pulak kenapa spell H-a-n-e-y bukan H-o-n-e-y.

I don’t want to give them ideas on new nicknames such as Hanis (no NO!) or Nisa (errrrkkk!) or worst, other irrelevant name such as name of a fish or name of a car (Ferrari?) or name of a football player.

In MRSM, I was also called by the name of a fish by the guys, and they still think I have no idea they were talking about me.

P/S This point is inspired by my encounter with someone by the name Shawal Maradona. And **** (tak ingat) Ferrari.

I hope you won't get bored with more stories of Qusyairi

Some pictures from SUKMA Terengganu.

On different note : Yes, I think my brother had grown up. He is as same height as I am (the measurement took place few minutes ago. )
I am devestated being the shortest in the family (mama doesn't count), but I'm learning to live with it! Hell yeaaah!

With his friends, errr, I don't know their names.

Doing what he does best besides fishing - flying kites.
Say it guys - dia memang kampung boy by nature!

Pretty familiar scenes in the family.
No need to know we used to run arond in the house with swim suits on!

This is a picture of him..err..doing his thing..

Mama took this while waving him goodbye.
And a PSP hanging - says I'm a kampung boy by nature but a geek by peer-pressure!

So once I stepped into the house I asked him what did he bought for me as souvenier.
He said he has some keropok.
I said Oh so sweet.
Then mama break the moment by saying she did all the purchasing of souveniers.
That keropok is actually for his classmates. The only things he bought is this stupid wooden-Penyu-keychain and a huge kite, both for himself.

My phone is disfunctional since yesterday. Screen went black, and sometimes it vibrates for no reason.

Since the phone refused to show anything on screen, I am, in other words,
LOST EVERYONE PHONE NUMBERS since I smartly did not copy contacts to sim card.

So please everyone please.


V3 ancient ni macam sense je hati ni macam terdetik nak beli iPhone 3G.


I am about to plug off this old ancient pc of mine, but I took some time to write the very last entry from here, UTP.

Yesterday was busy, and tired. We settled the summons. Finally the bf get to reduce the amount to RM9**, that is 40% from initial amount (kira sendiri) from all the begging from the Captain. Lucky for him, he was not ranked the highest. It was someone near to RM3000, that I am pretty sure right now the fella wish he can turn back time.

We compensate by distributing the security officers Big Apple doughnuts for being so friendly!

The bf also insisted that we bought something for all the friendly makcik-makcikR&R (where we usually eat) some kind of buah tangan. Nak harap I come up with such idea tak logik lah kan? So we said goodbyes and they replied
'Kalau makan nasi minyak jangan lupa jemput sini'
Hehehehehehe. Tengoklah dulu.

I'll be missing you, dude.

Then off to Ipoh for good old entertainment. Having the usual pizza at Tesco (the best pizza place in here), searching for old books at novel hut (traded Malaysian Studies textbook for old Rolling Stone mag-pls don't judge us), then some mellow mushy mushy speech that can really make this tears flow like a river.

Ok, shall off this pc, have some nescafe, and sweat out carrying heavy staff downstairs.
Then off to hometown doing only god knows what.

Uncertainties, here I come!!!

printed scarf

I am a sucker for this thing called printed head scarf.

Blame lazy day that officially commencing today, I am putting my sensitive account balance at stake when compromising the leisure of holidays by spending on these!

Help me pick. Fa?

The color not so me. But it's fancy and definitely not boring.


Or red?

Ini mcm familiar.
Or this?
I'm emailing this girl right awayyy!

do not forget THIS monday

Today my aunty called and sang me Happy Birthday.
I pity her singing with my cousin Dini at the back rhyming with his mommy.
So I didn't stop her till she finished.

For my birthday is not till Monday.

I warned the girls not to forget midnight of Monday, an Zaza said
'You sms lah semua orang remind your birthday'

'Erk, boleh ke?'

'Came on Haney, nobody is judging you'


What if I never met you guys?

Dah lepas ni tak boleh tengok sex and city lagi!

According to Bree,
'Anytime I am feeling something, I imagine myself putting that in the box. Then I put the box in a huge closet and close it.
Whenever I have time, I deal with it, like a lady'

But my box is loaded and no more empty spaces spared.

Fifa said she wanted an entry for her, just because it is officially end the 5 years being roomate, plus 2 weird years classmate in MRSM, plus miserable weeks at matriculation college.
However minus the times away from room for other commitment. (wink, perhaps?)

Well, other than the fact sentimental is never in my name,
I am not good at handling matters that could stimulate tear drops.

Takkan nak nangis, gile lah tak macho.

Well dear, I'm glad we were roomates too.

so u queue? just like others did?

Since the petrol rising 40%, the bf & I were among the kiasu-ly smart people who quickly rushed to the Esso. (Esso, so what?)

The q was undoubtedly long, but we waited patiently (however restlessly), and sort of rekindle something-something.

Other than selfish Chinese lady who get scolded by the bf for jumping q, no other scenes were created at the petrol station. Phew.

Read this link,
PM Says on Restructuring Subsidies

Forced-entry by alia baizura

I have no mood to update, sorry alia.

The last exam paper was good. Sad thing is, I studied like weeks for Facilities Engineering paper and I did poorly. (Confirm tak dapat A) But Operation Construction Management study 2 hari pun dapat jawab.

Kan dah cakap I salah course?

The FYP Presentation pun ok. (Hah malas lah supposed-to-be-English-teacher ni nak pakai English dah, kita rojak je ye). The external was nice and internal was ok (both examiners). My worst nightmare is the presentation session went uncivilized with absolute no mercy criticizing.
Like being the shooting range with 3 crazy shooters.

Ok, let this tagging roll first...

1.Each blogger must post these rules first.

2.Each blogger starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.

3.Bloggers that are tagged need to write on their own blog about their eight things and post these rules.At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.

4.Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’ve been tagged, and to read your blog

No 1
I am not very friendly. Meaning, naturally, I am not a people person. But I can fake it. Fake it real good!

No 2
Troubles differentiating Left and Right? Me too.

No 3
Hafal puisi Usman Awang masa darjah 5. Then baca Restu (Ismail Kasnan) masa darjah 4 and I remember (ed) almost every line in every chapter.

No 4
I love anything that taste sour. And I am not really a chocolate person. My pms sign is crying. Hahaha there goes my attitude.

No 5
I am freaking scared to the idea of married.

No 6
I look like a boy wearing office-wear shirt. Tak percaya jom ikut I pergi try baju kat Seed.

No 7
When I can picture him every time I think about my future, that I am able to put him in it, I know this relationship is for real for real.

No 8
I hate sugarcoating. I hate unrealistic achievements. I hate the idea of 'looking at the bright side'. I hate the silver lining dark cloud thing. Sometimes I hate optimism. Am I sick?

Now I tag,
8 of my silent readers. If any, existed, of course.