Last Friday In Campus

Books to read.
Time to kill.
Project to complete.

Just ended up the meeting with supervisor, 2.5 hours straight.
I looked at him, he looked at me.
I made confuse faces, he asked 'you get my point?'
I nodded (of course I do!), but then I shrug.

However, he commented that my slide presentation was good.
You heard me? GOOD.
But 'Where's the result?' he asked.
'Are you going to familiarize with the software throughout the year?'



And I have not 1, not 2, but 4 books to read in semester break.
Thinking of reading them on the vacation to Damai Laut & Penang.
Waaa... my exact defination of heaven I tell you!

Lets see what I got

  1. Song for the Exile - Kiana Devenport. Sort of boring, EPIC love novel with war background. So not my thing but I'll be stronggg and forced myself to read this. Need to read something good other than chick lit yang addictive... hahhahaha.
  2. Digital Fortress - Dan Brown. Thriller. So very my kind.
  3. Waiting - Ha Jin. I don't really fancy Chinese writers. They tend to have a style, which I'm not very fond of. But will try to absorb...
  4. Trading Up - Candace Bushnell. Can I tell you a secret? This is the only one I'm saving for the vacation. Well not really a vacation for me, its fishing trip for the boys, and sending off Dura to Penang. But the idea of me covering in duvet, better still, by the beach (ok thats an obvious lie, I actually hate the sun...), reading a good book the whole day is paradise enough...

Am looking for Love in the Time of Cholera and 100 Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. But they ran out it in MPH Jusco Ipoh.

MPH Jusco Seremban? Jangan harap.

Shall look for them in Kinokuniya. Ihsan jommm...

Bye Bye

They are leaving.....

No more Sara, Cina, Zu & Ealya....

Some pictures on 23 November, before Fifa left home
Went to Sithick (seriously I prefer to call it Si-Chick), met up Fifi and Farhad.
Snappy snappy on UTP main entrance...

This photo above is inspired by the Dinner May03 controversy.
This post was edited. Don't want bad memories to end it.

Lazy Day Talking

Today is a lazy stress-free day indeed.
I allowed this body of mine to wake up late (10 am is late). Then were buying time with coffee and online news, then shower.

Then lunch.

After that back to more Internet crappies, gossips, (baby names?!) and everything that has nothing to do with STRESS, TENSION, PRESSURE and TEMPERATURE.

Dosing myself to more antm, desperate housewives, greys, and prison break. Prison Break 3 is so dead boring. I nearly broke my glasses when I unconsciously dozed off watching Scofield in gruesome cell center in Panama.
Why must everything seemed so smelly and sweaty?
So yuckdy-yuck!

Talking about glasses...
Something I realize lately is that, I'm getting helpless without them.
I don't recognize people, the vision become hazy-er and everything is shaky and blurry. Recognizing people 10 metres away is almost impossible.
Do believe that this has something to do with me turning into an avid glass wearer in the event of final exam. Maybe?
The last thing I want is to stick wearing glasses for the rest of my life!
Oh god please! If this eyesight of mine worsen, I may consider bf opinion on eye-laser. I don't want to be another scarf wearer with glasses. No no.
So please people, I'm begging for an advance forgiveness if I accidentally
1) Don't wave, smile and make excited faces upon seeing you.
2) Knocked your car at night(or on very hazy day)
3) Reporting a false report on seeing your bf with another girl. He might be a look-alike.

In additional note, please allow me to take some time to response if you called out my name Haney.
There's so many girls' name ending with ___ ni and I get confused by responding NOT at my name.
Spare me the shame ok darlings. Call me Chinn (for the girls) and Haneysa for the others. Very much friendlier to my ears...

This is a contradictory emotional statement.
I miss home.
And everything to do with home.


Well I'm free,
I'm free like a world,
I'm higher than the moon and so much higher still to go
I'm dancing on the silver star,
my boot prints on the white-wall tire

And if I stumble my way through
another year of blindness
I don't deserve to come down from
these drugs inside my brain
And if I stumble my way to the people who are mindless
I guess I get what's coming to me and my evil wicked ways.

Okay that's about it. I'm singing Luke Doucet's Free now.
Catching up normal non-nerdy live I had been living the past 5 years ain't easy as it sounds.
A lot of adjustments need to be made. Plans need to structured.
Series and movies need to watched. And of course, a lot and a lot of crap reading from the Internet.
Crap is what makes me, ME.


I have so many things to tell, yet so little time I do have.
Sleeping 3 hours for past days may probably be the reason feel like banging my head on the wall.

Tomorrow last paper, Steel Design.
The one and only design course suitable for people with drawing skill of a matchstick man. Lame.

Come quick dear tomorrow, I have real life to catch up on.

This is the Sex and the City Big fan talking.

Ended my third time around of the whole 6 seasons Sex and The City.
Third time. Yess.
Childhood time where yours truly was so naive innocent with zero ideas on relationship doesn't COUNT!

I'll convert the series to mp4 and shall definitely upload them into my ipod.

My favourites pieces. And I'm salivating...

This polka dots are amazing and so nyummmmy.
Carrie in France.

Gorgeous ey?
During the fashion show where she fall flat on stage. Personally the best episode ever.

Shall upload later on nice evening gowns and dresses.

Seriously, I'm tired of Desperate Housewives and Greys Anatomy. The excitements fade away together with same old twist and lame dramas.

Now I'm Being Silly

Now I'm being silly.
After an episode of consolation from the bf (read previous entry), I managed to pull myself together to some exercises for next Monday's paper.
Then after half an hour, I felt a sudden urge to sleep aka malas.

Apparently closing my eyes is rather harder than I thought. I stared at the ceiling (sleeping alone, the roommate left home early morning).
In between my half sleep, I caught something very weird.
Guess what did I see in the dark?

No, its not the dark big shadow like famous UTP entity spooky tales.
I saw a blinking light from the smoke detector.
Blinking green light. Blink. Blink. Blink.
It occurred to me at that point of time,
since when smoke detector has blinking light on?

I jumped out the bed and rushed to the next house seeking for Cinana for rescue.
Then I saw the same light from her smoke detector too.

Now I know.
All smoke detectors have blinking lights.

Thought it was a hidden camera.
Being in the fifth year in UTP pun tak notice smoke detector ada light!

Excuse me for being silly. Prevention is better than cure. (I want to put on curiosity kills the *** but that is so inappropiate right now...)

Now It's Not Okay

I was talking to my sister about stuffs at home thru the ym.
Told her to download Gossip Girl. She must love it.

The question I shouldn't be asking slipped as I pressed the keyboard.
I asked if Rich has came home.

She said
'Die tak balik laa Kakni..'
'Ayah cakap Richie takkan balik...'

The last time I saw him, we bathed him with warm water, just the way he loves it.

How tears are so cheap lately?

It's Okay

I don't want to think about things happened at home. Obviously its out if my control. To take my mind off him, I may delete the entry.
When I do have to courage to face it, I'll write.

Been repeating this in the ipod whilst preparing for Petroleum Exploration paper tomorrow.

Keep the Dream Alive.
Four seasons, seconds, flicker, flash I’m alone
A lonely screen provides the scene, it’s no home
Every night I hear you scream
But you don’t say what you mean
this was my dream but now my dream has flown
Im at the crossroads waiting for a sign
My life is standing stilll but I’m still alive
Every night I think I know in the morning where did he go
The answers disappear when I open my eyes

I’m no stranger to this place
Where real life and dreams collide
and even though I fall from grace
I will keep the dream alive
I will keep the dream alive

Four seasons, seconds, flicker, flash I’m alone
A lonely screen provides the scene, it’s no home
Every night I hear you scream
But you don’t say what you mean
this was my dream but now my dream has flown
I’m no stranger to this place
Where real life and dreams collide
and even though I fall from grace
I will keep the dream alive
I will keep the dream alive

I decide to keep on dreaming again.
This time I don't care if it won't come true.

Where Are You?

Dura told me Richie haven't come home for a month now.
Ayah said he may had died some place else.
Maybe he don't want us to see him leave.
I refuse to believe that.
Come back please?
I'm coming this December, you will wait at the door like you always do kan?
I promise I give you my bed if you come home.
Its 3 am, I don't want to go to sleep.
I know I'll end up weeping my tears till I doze off.

My Eating Habits

  • I am the number ONE ADULT FAN of tomato ketchup!
  • I wonder why boys hate Nandos. From my observation, males in Nandos are either the workers, or the forced-to-come-faced boyfriends.
  • Brownies + cold white milk = heaven.
  • Baskin Robbin :Caramel Ribbon and ANY kind of sherbet. More sour the better.
  • Tom nyuuuummm. Hahahhahaaha.
  • We (as in my friends & I) secretly adored Super Ring. Not Cheezel, Super Ring. But afterwards I had to make use of treadmill training to run back and forth to the toilet.
  • For unknown reason, or just being mengade, I don't like satay.
  • I don't like Cornetto ice cream. I still stick to Paddle Pop Pelangi.
  • During special occasion such as anniversaries, birthdays, the BF & I had our feast at Italiannies. On normal dates, we dine at Italiannies too. Get it?
  • At home, mama usually served fish, and seldom chicken. Always fish. So all of us siblings can swim fast.
  • My love for veges and fruits are unconditional. Salad, sprouts, cucumber, TOMATOES, capsicum, tembikai, pineapple, anything.
  • In order to complete this entry, I get a little help from Cinana. (Read our conversation in Gtalk below)

haneysa: cina ape keropok cheese yg i dgn fifa suke tu? ape name die eh i lupe lah
ziana.nazarudin: keropok cheese? super ring?
haneysa: haaaaah! heheh tengs
ziana.nazarudin: ape laaa uu ni
haneysa: hahahaah ops
ziana.nazarudin: pelik laa
haneysa: cina cabai gajah org ckp ape?
ziana.nazarudin: ape tu?
haneysa: yg sayur tu lah yg letak kat pizza tu
ziana.nazarudin: capsicum?
haneysa: o yess!
ziana.nazarudin: u ni nape hari ni? pelik laa
haneysa: hehe ade la
ziana.nazarudin: pelik2
haneysa: tak lah sepelik u


So the issue regarding the Party Buih that we eventually attended month back had been resolved. The Rector admit he was too harshed posting the warning in the E-Learning, without knowing both sides of the story.
He saw all the 450 pictures taken by the 5 photographers attending the dinner.
And, to quote my friend, he asked
'Mana buih-buihnya??'

I wish there were, Dr. Rector.
(Opppps tak boleh ckp mcm ni, nnt ada org tulis dlm blog! *gasp*)

Happy Birthday Afifa.

Happy Birthday Afifa.
9 November 07.

All photos credit to Afifi macr.

I hate this picture. Everything I don't want the world to see (my big gum, my nostril? and my-suddenly-there-double-chin!) are all here.
Moment yang buruk.
Anyway, this is a delayed entry.
Me too tired to write, just have fun peeking at the photos will ya!

UTP Today

This is what drives us farther from the goodness.

Read this.

Why O Why?

I pulled myself into the car right after the Reservoir paper and served total silence to the bf.
Then I made a sound. Just because I don't have the words to utter what I just felt.
"Bunyi ape tu?" He asked.

"Bunyi wtf"

Here It Is

All the best, all the prayers go to

Myself. May I will not be shivering in the hall, shaking legs like minor earthquakes, overlook the small-small constant and terms, making up my own engineered shopaholic cum avid blog stalkers theory and equations, whatnots.

The BF. For without him I'm lost in the translation of engineering literation and LIFE.

Friends. Who do well without the good luck wish anyway.

Reservoir here I comeeeee. (bluerghhhh)

Final Exam Jokes

I was having a bad mood trying to understand Reservoir in the library.
I stared and stared at the Material Balance Equation. I think I crumpled my forehead after so much frowing. Every symbols and terms seemed to stare back at me with disgust.
Until someone said something...

"I baru discover something. You tau tak.. bila kita nak siapkan satu-satu kerja yg susah.. macam FYP (final year project) kan.. bila semua orang tak dapat tolong kita. Even lecturer pun tak boleh tolong. You tau tak sapa boleh tolong kita?"

"Sape?" (Dalam hati : ni what kind of talk pulak ni...)

" I baru tau, bila semua orang tak boleh tolong kita kan, ada sorang je yang boleh tolong selesaikan masalah tu.
You tau tak sapa orang tu? DIRI KITA SENDIRI lah yang boleh tolong."

"Tere kan? Rupa-rupanya orang yg boleh tolong to solve our problem is our self!"

I laughed and said.

"You baru tahu ke?"

"You macam pergi kem motivasi lahhh hahahaha" (sambung gelak lagi)

It sounded like a joke at first.
But not now.
Thank you.

This is the writing of his.
Takpayah zoom, memang tak boleh baca.

Graduation Briefing

During Graduation Briefing at Chancellor Hall, 7 November 2007.
No I'm not graduating after this Nat, still have another semester to go.
And I'm not promising any belanja kasut until then.

For those who haven't see me in my glasses...

Qusyairi said I looked like cikgu.
Siaplah result UPSR keluar next week, tau meraung.

Ok, back to work!

Final Exam Blues

Say hello to Mr Final Exam.
We haven't meet for quite some time, since I left for Internship had fun without the books and notes.
Mr Final Exam apparently has some jealousy issue seeing me having fun.
He is, the mood killer after all.

Days start with bfast, library, lunch, library, tea break, nap, dinner and library.

We took pictures of past exam papers. The usual way is to apply for photocopy voucher, but since I lost 2 of them already, we had to do the weird way.
That is by taking photo, and print them out.
And beside are my hands holding down the questions booklet as bf captured every page needed.

Beaten by the Bee

I got stung by a bee.
On my foot. Right in the middle of my foot.

Hah cantik sangat lah tu~

I land to sit on the nearest bed,
screamed and screamed, and hopped and hopped, sqeezing my foot tight,
'Shit shit sakitt gilaaaa...'
Nasib baik Ifa helped to pick out the sengat or whatever it is.

Then I called mama, ask anything i can do to soothe down the pain.
'Takada ape2. Letak lah minyak ape2 minyak u can find'

Then a sympathy call was made to the bf.

After a while, the pain went away.
But it still marked dark red on my foot.

There! My first love-bite from the bee!!

10 weird picks on me.

1- I wash my hair twice a day. Even it's running freaking late to school. And I never wear wet hair under my scarf. It is worst than gross.

2- I don't cut off the label of anything I newly bought. So the brand and price tags will be unattached until the day I wear them.

3- I totally can't tolerate something like pink scarf with pink top with pink handbag. Hope you'll find yourself a pink wall to camouflage to. And I avoid wearing something sandwiching in colour like black scarf, white top and black pants. So ickkk!

4- I hate wearing baju kurung-with tudung. It reminds me of MRSM days, and encourages me to grow fat unnoticed.

5- I sleep to dream on the pair of skinny I badly wanted, and day-dreaming on the perfect vest I am about to find. In future perhaps. Plus, am alergii to ugly handbags. Hahahah sgt exagerate.

6- I don't make friends with loose jeans. Period.

7- I love comfortable flats. Open-toe and flattering heels. But it's not easy to find a good one.

8- What's up with the frogs? Opss, the crocs?

9- I learnt that - long skirts are pretty -only to LOOK at! It never looks good on you, unless you are supermodel or at least, at their height. Personally, you look like perfect walking curtain.

10- I believe trying too hard is not good (always happens when you take too long time to dress for dates). But not trying at all is worst. If you want to wear smoky eyes, at least get your eyebrows fix darling...

Above are facts laced by heavy exaggerated sense. And I have my quality control besides me all the time (refer picture right most top of this page)

What's Up with the Black Plastic Bag

I get to write this one quick, I have so many things yet to cover on tomorrow Steel Design test.

Today I bought a sanitary pad in the Kopetro (grocery shop, read:koperasi in UTP) along with other stuff. I paid at the counter and suddenly the kakak pulled out a black plastic bag.
Because she assumed I might be embarrassed to carry around those sacred thing I just bought.

Oh my God, are you for real, Kakak?

If I were to malu, shamed, or embarrassed, I won't buy the stuff with crowd of junior boys loitering around the shop. I don't queue a long way holding that in my hand while knowing there'll b eyes staring at my items the moment I placed them on the counter.

So there you are.
My nescafe in-can, a yellow highlighter and Kotex sanitary pad, all stuffed in a black plastic bag.

When I met the bf outside the shop, he asked why did I do to deserve special plastic bag (referring to other people carrying red ones).

Mind you this is not the first time. Once I was awarded with black plastic bag for the same thing I bought in a famous grocery shop outside UTP. Next time, I'll remind the person behind the counter to save the black begs to those buying condoms.
Sincerely I think they need it more than I do.

But I forgot I'm in Tronoh.
But anyway, I was just thinking...
Bukan student UTP mostly belajar Biology ke? Nak malu kenape?

Sunny Day

I woke up today at 710, without jumping off the bed.
Pre--set 3 alarms to make sure I'm on time to arrive the 800 am class.

Put on Zu's pink 3 quarter shirt with white stripes together with the new black V-flare in trying to pull a professional look for the mock business meeting.
But I guess the gold flat kills the whole look.
And I walked to class alone as I always did, stuffing the earphone under my scarf to the sounds of my favourite mood-lifting playlist.

So the mock meting went well.
We ended the class for the whole semester. I'm gonna miss Mrs Azelin.
One hell of cool lecturer.
Today in class, I laughed at everyone and everything.
Basically I giggled a lot. Alone.
Once I chuckled quiet loud, and everybody stared.
Till the Mrs Azeline turned to me (I was sitting next to her) and asked
'Are you okay? U seemed high. U have a lot to laugh today'
I swear by Knocked Up's theory, it's the hormones. Not me...

When the class end at 1000 am, (no more class yeay!) I walked back to the hostel (alone).
Stopped by to buy a cute wrapped nasi lemak and nescafe iced.
Climbed up to the hostel office to get a free-copy of the Stars.
Get in the room, ate teh nasi lemak, sambil tengok Sex and the City again. (so not appropriate there were a lot of hot scenes not so appetizing for a happy meal time.)
The flipped through the newspaper. Skipped the whole sport section untouched.
Thinking if the bf was here he must be reading every words spelling out each sentence of the sports news and gossips.
Sigh, I miss u.

Opened up the Structural Steelwork textbook.
W-E-L-D-E-D connections....
...okkkay....thats sounds familiar...