Hari Raya 2007

Picture tells a thousand words...may not very appropriate, since a lot of pictures can't be publicized because I malas nak cover kepala kat rumah. Hehe.

At cousins', Yana & Sha

Bagan Datoh, Perak.

Meet the cousin, Ilham Hadif. He loves to read books, and asked for Qiraati for his 4th year birthday present. At 5, he started to read the Quran.
Dia suka baca buku sgt, once I said to him it is annoying to see a kid love to read spelling books.
Annoying ok?

These fella can't never come across with any size of stream...

And there will be some gathering pictures at Natasha's bbq. Still haven't figure which pictures serve justice to portray my hometown sweeties.

Will come later.

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