My Eating Habits

  • I am the number ONE ADULT FAN of tomato ketchup!
  • I wonder why boys hate Nandos. From my observation, males in Nandos are either the workers, or the forced-to-come-faced boyfriends.
  • Brownies + cold white milk = heaven.
  • Baskin Robbin :Caramel Ribbon and ANY kind of sherbet. More sour the better.
  • Tom nyuuuummm. Hahahhahaaha.
  • We (as in my friends & I) secretly adored Super Ring. Not Cheezel, Super Ring. But afterwards I had to make use of treadmill training to run back and forth to the toilet.
  • For unknown reason, or just being mengade, I don't like satay.
  • I don't like Cornetto ice cream. I still stick to Paddle Pop Pelangi.
  • During special occasion such as anniversaries, birthdays, the BF & I had our feast at Italiannies. On normal dates, we dine at Italiannies too. Get it?
  • At home, mama usually served fish, and seldom chicken. Always fish. So all of us siblings can swim fast.
  • My love for veges and fruits are unconditional. Salad, sprouts, cucumber, TOMATOES, capsicum, tembikai, pineapple, anything.
  • In order to complete this entry, I get a little help from Cinana. (Read our conversation in Gtalk below)

haneysa: cina ape keropok cheese yg i dgn fifa suke tu? ape name die eh i lupe lah
ziana.nazarudin: keropok cheese? super ring?
haneysa: haaaaah! heheh tengs
ziana.nazarudin: ape laaa uu ni
haneysa: hahahaah ops
ziana.nazarudin: pelik laa
haneysa: cina cabai gajah org ckp ape?
ziana.nazarudin: ape tu?
haneysa: yg sayur tu lah yg letak kat pizza tu
ziana.nazarudin: capsicum?
haneysa: o yess!
ziana.nazarudin: u ni nape hari ni? pelik laa
haneysa: hehe ade la
ziana.nazarudin: pelik2
haneysa: tak lah sepelik u

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