Now I'm Being Silly

Now I'm being silly.
After an episode of consolation from the bf (read previous entry), I managed to pull myself together to some exercises for next Monday's paper.
Then after half an hour, I felt a sudden urge to sleep aka malas.

Apparently closing my eyes is rather harder than I thought. I stared at the ceiling (sleeping alone, the roommate left home early morning).
In between my half sleep, I caught something very weird.
Guess what did I see in the dark?

No, its not the dark big shadow like famous UTP entity spooky tales.
I saw a blinking light from the smoke detector.
Blinking green light. Blink. Blink. Blink.
It occurred to me at that point of time,
since when smoke detector has blinking light on?

I jumped out the bed and rushed to the next house seeking for Cinana for rescue.
Then I saw the same light from her smoke detector too.

Now I know.
All smoke detectors have blinking lights.

Thought it was a hidden camera.
Being in the fifth year in UTP pun tak notice smoke detector ada light!

Excuse me for being silly. Prevention is better than cure. (I want to put on curiosity kills the *** but that is so inappropiate right now...)

2 nosy parkers:

alia detsiwt said...

excuse u for not noticing blinking lights on smoke detectors? no wayyy!!! ahahahaha... so comel silly.

Haneysa said...

ooh sbb i tido slalu lampu tak tutup lagi. why?
sbb fifa slalu stay up study.. i sleep tu lah i tak notice the blink2.
room-mate i rajin okay. slalu stay up utk study, (and mamak).