The Environmentalist In Me

Click here : Malaysia fastest growing polluter
The UN says Malaysia's carbon dioxide emissions increased by 221 per cent from 1990 to 2004 [EPA] Malaysia's carbon emission growth rate is the highest among the world's top polluters, the United Nations says.

Yes, it's about time.

Lets be realistic that no one alone can help to change the world. But we can do small cute effort ourselves to save the envi ey?

  • Use both sides of A4 papers! The bf always tell me this.
  • Switch off lights, fans, airconds. (pc excluded boleh tak?)
  • Never leave the tap and shower water running while brushing teeth, and shampoo.
  • Those throwing rubbish from the car in highways and roads really deserve a slap on the face. Don't they know plastic is non-biodegradable. Or do you know what non-biodegradable means?
  • Recycle old papers & old books to the old newspaper guy.

To tell you the fact that when I was attached in HSE PDB last time, very few, like tiny weeny developers and companies pay attention to the Environmnetal Quality Act (1974 lagi... I ingat tau!)

Quick example. No.. you can't simply put up a tent beside you petrol station and taa-daa.. open up a car-wash-service. The soapy water will the go to the drain, and flow to the river. Fyi, all the river will be channeled to the water treatment system. However the facilities there were not efficient to remove the 'contaminants' then the exact water will be used by us (yes us!) to mandi, masak, makan. Basically it's like using the water used to wash the car, untuk mandi. Eiiiiii..

Ni yang semangat nak jadi HSE personnel ni.

Wah! Seems like the silent environmentalist in me has started speakinggg!

2 nosy parkers:

MeiYuan said...


ohmygod can't believe that u blogged too haha!

love ur posts =)

Haneysa said...


hehe. waaa you dah keje.. bestnye..
now boleh belanja i.