Things That Make Me Smile

So I reached home around 11pm yesterday. When unboard the Komuter, the ticket automated doors all not working, and no officer on sight to collect tickets manually. Since I'm using Touch n Go I guess it was a free ride?

I went into my room and noticed it was squeky cleaaaaan and shining. Mama must have cleaned it up for me. The bed smells like some complicated flower and I love the feeling when you rub your feet in between duvets. The friction (between duvet and my skin, please don't get the wrong idea) calms me down.

Being away from home since 16, I learn something. You never will open your book and study once you step your home-sick feet in the house. Let go all the high hopes and good intentions at the hostel room. Leave the books and spare spaces in the travelling bag for some home cook food and parents-paid toiletries. Or maybe bring one journal (be sure it is as light as feather, so it won't eat up your spaces in the bag) for you to peep in case the guilt feeling is overwhelming.

One thing I take up after internship is, waking up late is a waste of time. Especially at home. Even though the major plan of the day is mopping every inch of the floor, having an early day may allows you to squeeze something else like, facial(this is rare but I would like the options), A&W waffles, or good old friends.

You are sure your mother can be candy-sweet when she gave a long-tight-cut hoodie of your favourite color. Despite she despised my taste of color which according to her, plain and boring, but for me cool and relax, and added, maybe I can wear it to class. Thank you mama. My class is going to end in 2 months, but still?

I gasped exaggeratedly when I stepped on the weighing scale and I am a big fat 48 kilos. I used to weigh 46 since forever (forever starts after my gemuk asrama episode, which is 6 years ago). Oh maybe 48k is still ok. Nothing to be freaked out kannn???

I was jumping up and down the trampoline when my brother Qusyairi said
'Kenapa Kak Haney jump tak graceful langsung??'

Well, maybe you I can take up some of your 'grace'!

4 nosy parkers:

twisted-lullaby said...

hi babe! im back! hehehe
btw 48kg is soooo ok laa! btw im losing weight instead of gaining. dammit. how aa?

alia detsiwt said...

ahahahahah baru haritu someone cakap i "langsung tak graceful" and "tak feminine" and "childish".

they're no fun ai tel yewww...

MeiYuan said...

Hey! Seremban rocks right?! LOL

and 48kg is no biggie! More to love anyway heheh!

Haneysa said...

hey sara i want details on wedding prep! whats up with the secrecy ni!

u tak graceful, tak feminie and childish. hmmmmmm. in a cute way maybe? (u sure marah org ckp u cute hehe)

mei yuan:
seremban rocks! hahaha. ive been eating and sleeping with remote control in my hand and nobody dare touch.