Psssst, it's the famous brother's birthday!

Today is the birthday of someone very famous in this blog. I mentioned him many many times.
My baby brother turned 13 today. Yet his voice still fits his baby-of-the-family position! He sounds just, and still, like a girl!

Mother said he received his SUKMA allowance yesterday and I told him to bring this poor sister of him pergi tengok movie. And of course, I want big cup of popcorn on my own too (no sharing please!) . With fat pocket full of money I bet he's dreaming about a luxurious boat for fishing trips!

He's having semester exam at the moment. But being busy with training, mama dropped him off to school just so he can proceed with his papers then back to the pool.
He was supposed to do his 2-hour-paper but then he called home 30 minutes after the drop-off and..

'Mama jemput Ari boleh...dah habis exam...'

3 nosy parkers:

MeiYuan said...

ohmygod i can't believe he's 13 already! I can still remember this small lil dot jumping around the swimming pool lol!

Haneysa said...

little dot u say? hahahah! this little dot cries and screams like a girl! unlike his two big-macho-cool-sisters!!!

alia detsiwt said...

hahaha adik u kicik! tiba2 i rasa adik i tu elephant! happy bday adik harnette!