This is not a happy day for me

Today I officially created the new conversion factor.

I was supposed to add up value of 460 to every Fahrenheit degree, and convert it to Rankin.
It is the law of the law, the blood of the blood, the grandmaster rule of Facilities Engineering. It's is like knowing that 100cm is as same as 1 meter.

I have to know that, to proceed with further calculation (conveniently all 3 from 5 questions in the paper required me to do that).
For example,

40 F + 460 = 400 R
90 F + 460 = 550 R

So. Not. Complicated.

But instead, for some magical reason, I wrote 520 instead of 460. Of all the infinite digits, I choose to write down a f*curse*curse*more*hardcore*curse*g five hundred twenty!

At this time, I bet all living engineers will look at me with disgust.
‘How could anybody in our kind do such thing?’
‘Did she hear little voices?’
‘Did she suffer from memory loss?’

I can also picture all the engineers gather together forming some sort of picket line, shouting at me

‘Throw her away! She is not our kind!’

The bitterest part is, that is my last engineering paper and I screw up, real bad.

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