What if I never met you guys?

Dah lepas ni tak boleh tengok sex and city lagi!

According to Bree,
'Anytime I am feeling something, I imagine myself putting that in the box. Then I put the box in a huge closet and close it.
Whenever I have time, I deal with it, like a lady'

But my box is loaded and no more empty spaces spared.

Fifa said she wanted an entry for her, just because it is officially end the 5 years being roomate, plus 2 weird years classmate in MRSM, plus miserable weeks at matriculation college.
However minus the times away from room for other commitment. (wink, perhaps?)

Well, other than the fact sentimental is never in my name,
I am not good at handling matters that could stimulate tear drops.

Takkan nak nangis, gile lah tak macho.

Well dear, I'm glad we were roomates too.

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