I am about to plug off this old ancient pc of mine, but I took some time to write the very last entry from here, UTP.

Yesterday was busy, and tired. We settled the summons. Finally the bf get to reduce the amount to RM9**, that is 40% from initial amount (kira sendiri) from all the begging from the Captain. Lucky for him, he was not ranked the highest. It was someone near to RM3000, that I am pretty sure right now the fella wish he can turn back time.

We compensate by distributing the security officers Big Apple doughnuts for being so friendly!

The bf also insisted that we bought something for all the friendly makcik-makcikR&R (where we usually eat) some kind of buah tangan. Nak harap I come up with such idea tak logik lah kan? So we said goodbyes and they replied
'Kalau makan nasi minyak jangan lupa jemput sini'
Hehehehehehe. Tengoklah dulu.

I'll be missing you, dude.

Then off to Ipoh for good old entertainment. Having the usual pizza at Tesco (the best pizza place in here), searching for old books at novel hut (traded Malaysian Studies textbook for old Rolling Stone mag-pls don't judge us), then some mellow mushy mushy speech that can really make this tears flow like a river.

Ok, shall off this pc, have some nescafe, and sweat out carrying heavy staff downstairs.
Then off to hometown doing only god knows what.

Uncertainties, here I come!!!

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