shit happens

Things I'm feeling right now is devastated. Yes, that would be the correct word to describe it. But I wish not to mention it in a blog, for many reasons. One being you wouldn't know who might stumble upon this page, so no harm done by keeping in the limit line to public-display-expression.

I am not a risk taker, never am and never will.

On other note, I watched Sex and the City the Movie for two straight nights and every time I saw the scene where Carrie hit Big with the bouquet of roses, and Charlotte furious face to Big, the waterworks magically commenced.

'I know you would do this to me!'

It is beyond sad, beyond furious, beyond devastated.

'I changed who I was for you' - Miranda.
'I love you, but I love me more' - Samantha

I wished I have Samantha's steel-heart, and Miranda radical logic, and Carrie passion.
But I guess I was Samantha, am now Miranda, however lost the Carrie Bradshaw passion along the way.

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