blast from the past

Let me tell you something that is not so new I assume. I am someone who is afraid of my own past. Of how I used to be, how people saw me, and how they compare the old me and the new me.

That is why, when I decided to meet some old souls from MRSM days, I did some serious deep thinking.

And I did, and truly glad! Siti said I haven't changed, still noisy and silly. Ida caught me being blur on counting the change for Ansara registration (for her taking Masters in Statistics, I deserve a frustrated 'geleng kepala' from her). And Atie, well Atie laughed at me, A LOT!
Azie, being new at the art of 'gossip' was fairly good at it.

Last time we met was like 6 years ago?
And thank you, for making the 2 hard-confusing years b e a r a b l e.