i need (want) a new phone

I've been surviving with an old ancient Nokia for months now. Since my V3 refused to serve me, I kinda get used to this embarrassing moments when friends have super cool ring tone, I settled with the first ever tone invented like 'Kringggggg Kringggg!!'

So I started to have wishes like
'Kalau I ada phone I nak ring tone ni..'
'Eh lagu ni soothing lah jadi alarm..'

On the other note, lagu-lagu Anna Nalick memang sangat sesuai jadi wake up alarm tone. Akan bangun without feeling sakit hati, annoying and rasa cool je.. Hhehehe.
And I secretly have a playlist in the Ipod to be the choice for my upcoming new phone ring tone.

Ayah asked several times whether or not I want a new phone. I don't know. I am ok with this old stuff, but hey, it's kind of humiliating when you all dress up in skinnies and mustard yellow flat, you pulled out year 2003 handphone from the handbag!

Potong kan?

I don't know what kind of phone I want actually (Oh I want iPhone but I don't have the mercy to ask that from my folks). I don't actually favor Sony Ericsson, I think the keypad is too kotak-ish and most of the exterior are not appealing and boring and macam tak ada soul. But I don't know, we see about that ok.

I also look on the net for nice looking phone. Yes, I look for exterior as my first criteria, that should say something about me? I have one retro looking Sony in mind, but again, anything can happen when you have two parents to justify your choice and a pushy annoying seller behind the counter!

Again, we shall see!