in search for the pieces of aidilfitri spirit left inside of me

I am not quite excited to celebrate this Hari Raya actually. The super main reason being is that my Ayah is not here, obviously, that sucks much much more than a bad presentation, seriously.

But my sister and I did make 4 types of kuih raya yesterday. Mostly are to be bought to Teluk Intan (mama's hometown) and to appear to be 'not in celebrating mood' in front of them would be unfair, no?

I guess my siblings are growing up. The meaning of aidilfitri would be more than fat duit raya envelopes and finger licking kuah kacang and ketupat. It's being together we look forward too. Oh, now I make myself sounds like a Hallmark Greeting Card!

Partly, I was scared actually. Its a tradition for us (as in the whole mom's side) to go beraya at kampung-kampung yang jalan nya satu lane je, kecik gile, parking pun mencabar skills, lopak-lopak lumpur dan sawah padi yang tricky sebab tanah yang lembik bila-bila je nak menelan tayar kereta.

Contact lenses, check!
Sunglasses, check!
Smart Tag, check!
Fuel tank, (mom) check!
Baju raya, check! check! check!
Cables, camera, chargers, hairdryer, all check!
Toiletries, traveling stuff check!
Novels, magazines, iPod, check! (hey these are my armors)

All set and I'm ready to go.

Selamat Hari Raya everyone. Hope you have a good one. And maaf zahir batin.

ps, I'll be in the Land of Teluk Intan where the river eats land till Friday, so expect nobody's at home. Pls, don't leave confusing comments too!