this is rambling over a glass of coke

Ok, gambar profile baru I mcm agak disturbing ye. Kalau baby orang tua cakap tak elok pandang dia angle macam tu, nnt dah besar juling. ;p

I am still in Raya mood, hence yesterday we went all out beraya and camwhoring (bahasa budak-budak remaja sekarang). Hey it' s hard to have all the 'berries' together for once. So instead of Berries-The Usuals, I called it Berries-Reunited (Paan came back frm The States for good).

And last two days, we went bowling. Ye, semua, main bowling after almost 8 years (that would be me). Dulu tak silap main kat Parkson yang ada strange vibe je escp dalam lift. Even though the place was beyond pathetic, I did not blend in with the environment.

Contractor dah start kerja. Privacy invasion! Tingkap bilik must be kept closed to avoid dust, and the workers suka tenung-tenung bila I jemur kain.

Bukan jemur kain berkemban pun. (Meaning?)