"One night, One batch, One celebration"

Night of the SUPERSTARS
Damai Laut Swiss Garden
26 October 2007

Here are some pictures...Credits to photographers and the girls' camera.
Dare to dress like (freaky)superstar?

We have redcarpets because everyone is a superstar!

With the Event Director and High Committee

Imagining boyfriend eh Fa?

Paparazzi shot.
It was indeed a night where everyone had fun!
A big fat congratulations to the committee! Clap clap!
I can't really accept its been 5 years we have been together. Feels like forever eh?
However I remembered well how I met him, how I met the girls and how I survived the years through here. If you were to ask me if I ever can imagine this time, my answer would be definitely, NO.
Here I find the meaning of friends, what they are for, how far they put up for each other.
I see more the good in people, less the evil in them.
Here it smells like victory.
I hate goodbyes.
I won't wave goodbye, because we will always meet again.

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