You're a Girl, Therefore You are the Secretary

Life has been hec-tic and I have been no-where near that.
Test and assignments and the usual student-life stuff. I wake up every morning telling myself final exam is just around the block. The notes on the table won't miracle-ly absord just by staring at. The assignments just wont magically 'siap' just by having a peek on it between Sex and the City.

I got to stop admiring Sarah Jessica Parker pretty make up and stare at the damn Structural notes!!!

Sabar-sabar. Got to put up with this for just a little while only....

By the way, I just have to say something I'm quite dissatisfied about.
Apparently it is a quite a sudden that we as in the engineering batch need to take up the Professional Communication Skill (perhaps the governmnet are wide-awake that university students has poor soft skill??) So dragging our asses off from classes to classes we entered to find any placement since the course is such a goreng-pisang here (because no final paper?)
It was such a trouble to find placement because all the kiasu juniors just won't give up their seats.

To the juniors :: Heloooo kitorg final year okayyy. U guys boleh take the course after Internship. Pegi Intern dulu, tengok dunia luar before kiasu-kiasi sangat! Go test the outside world, and give yourself a fashion lesson, relationship-wrecker-test ke, hot-affairs ke, clubbings and drinkings ke.. ahahhaha.

Well that's is not the purpose of my jumbles. We are supposed to present a mock meeting. Regarding some matters I don't really fancy to talk about. I somehow quite suprised they don't acquire us to do real-working sorts of meeting. Wouldn't it help us in later time?
Never mind of that. Besides the mock meeting, we also had to come up with an MOM , and that makes me miserable like pulling my hairs off and make myself an official botak!


Because the fact that the ladies must be automatically appointed to be the secretary and write an MOM!
I thought an MOM is okay to write but suprise suprise it isn't at all.

I have seen many male secretaries, and they produce fantastic MOM.
Here, just because they are so many of them wearing pants, they give the odd one that wears skirt to be the Miss Secretary.
I admit that girls do have some fluidity in words, sentences and vocabulary.
But I like men's words. They are straight forward and simple and less fancy.
They write differently, but easy to swallow and understand.

Back to the reason why I am mad,
Lagi sakit hati bila orang cakap

Haney, kau dah grad jadi secretary je lah.

Muka kau mmg muke secretary pun.

What the f man.

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