I Need an Inspiration!

When we were younger, we used to have so many reasons to be motivated.
A new bike for top 3 placing in class.
New pair of watch for that outstanding performance in swimming tournament.
Huge teddies from adorable aunties for good marks.
Big fat cash for straight A's.

Let say the level if motivation is drowning into the drain, there a lot of pushers to hold our backs, and remind us just how to important not to neglect your homework and studies.
(Still, I fail to complete homework and usually hunt for unlucky friends to copy most of the mornings)
We will be lectured and brainwashed and constantly reminded to study! study! and study!

Remember those motivational camp attended in purpose to brings out the motivation and good spirit in you? Usually conducted during incoming of major exams? Well I hate them so much and half-heartedly attend because only I had to. MRSM days, there were a lot of those.
When everybody cried (we were supposed to cry, in order to meet the objective of the program), I didn't. I put on straight face.
When you shake hands and ask for forgiveness from teachers for them to shed extra light and do'a for the upcoming exam, I only choose those I like to salam.

A lot of times when they were long neverending lectures on advice, I were either I slepping, or I listened to the radio - hiding the earphone under my white scarf.
Well, I just hate motivational lectures of any sorts...

When mama told me that my younger brother transformed into an angel after going for the motivational camp held at the nearest masjid, I get stunned.
'Seriously ma?'
She said he cried asking forgiveness from my parents.
And he washed dishes without being told and screamed to.
His solat does not to be remind thousand times.

So I wonder.
If only there is such program that can push my lazy ass to begin with stuff I should be doing.
And getting serious about the datelines and final exams incoming 2 weeks.
If only there is such program that works for my cold-ignorant heart?

It turn out that my little fisherman brother had came to his senses knowing he wasn't meant to be an angel after all.
It lasted only a week till he finally picked up his old habit of lazying around and left the dirty dishes at the sink as if no one watching.

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