Questions O Questions

When you haven't seen someone for along time, there are questions they may asked.
Some you can aswer them fluidly, some you give a lot of ermmmm and rolling eyes (figuring answers)
Where do you plan to work,
Where are you going to rent,
What is your first car going to be,
Are you going further study after graduating,
When do you plan to get married.

Oh please, I am 22, I have no idea how to answer them.
But I pity the curiosity tone in the question, so very often I answer them the best I can.

The latter question is by far, the most frequently asked.
I usually answer them with
'Taktahu lagi. Maybe lambat. No age limit or whatsoever'
Dalam hati : Relax la. Nak cepat-cepat buat ape. Banyak lagi benda nak accomplished.

So next time, O dear friends, don't ask that patricular question, even the BF and I couldn't answer that.

3 nosy parkers:

nata said...

SoOo... ckp la, when do u plan to get married? (annoying tak??) hihihihihiii..

HANEYSA said...

from you its not laaaa... haha.
tak mcm ade org tu before 27?
eyh nak gambarrr!!!

nata said...

huhuu... serious ade yg nak before 27? tsk tsk.. ish, nak bagi laa.. tp kata ym gila. mcm mana.