Raya with Hometown Sweethearts

Despite the fact I had to rolled up my chiffon-beaded kebaya's sleeves to wash dishes...
And long queue to shower in the mornings at kampung Teluk Intan...
And to hold my bladder because I just couldn't pee at wooden toilets with so many holes poking my sight...

And 2 days not talking to the BF because he was busy with the family...

the Hari Raya was greaaaaat !!

Since Nat is back from India, and Azra is here from Indon, the time spent with the hommies was never better.
There were Su, Izean, Kelly, Yan and MISS DIVA Fazrin.
Seeing the girls back from school, is like seeing myself back of how I used to be.
So nostalgic and refreshing.

We may grow apart and differ along the way, but they are still the sweetest.

Some pictures at Nat's bbq

To Paan Nadia,

Bila balik Seremban haaa??

We miss having you around. All 4 of us talking laughing like crazy in the car. I spare some fotos for you, in case u wanna do some photoshop magic innit.

Someone quoted that

I never knew such fantastic friend,

Who makes me feel less than grand;

But you went away

changing sand,

And left me lonely with no one to hold my hand.

Never have I thought of feeling this blue,

Not believing our valediction is true; (asalkan rhyme eh)

Seems like yesterday together me and you,

Just remember that I will

Forever cherish you !

So sweet.
U know who gave that to me back in 2001 when I left KGV to boarding school?
hint : she cries with me till our eyes swolen that time...

3 nosy parkers:

nata said...

kenapa gamba nmpk pendek & gemok. ish sape la nangis sampai lebam2 mata tuu.. ish ish. miahahahaa..

HANEYSA said...

sape pendek and gemok? wasn't me kan... hehe.
blame org yg amik gambar la kan. btw ingat ke poem sape tu?

nata said...

yes yes. how can i forget. hahaaa..