The Big Spender Whining

Yesterday, ayah asked me how is my saving going on. He intended to add up my saving to get me a car next year, since I may start working and stuff.
Little that he knew that....
I am never meant for money-saving, since I usually used them all up.

I can give all the reasons to buy what I want to buy.
Be it another black top, another pretty flat, the V-Flare Topshop jeans.
There is always a reason for everything in the world for a girl to shop!

  1. Ni susah nak jumpe ni. Kalau jumpe pun mesti kaler tak cantik, cutting tak nice, mahal bla bla bla...
  2. Rugi lah tak beli, you (as in the bf/gf/sister) beli, I pun mesti beli something so we're equal...
  3. Boleh pakai nanti (nanti bile, tu fikir later)
  4. This is my size! Susah nak cari my size! (YELAH TU)
  5. To match with the new bag, scarf, pants, etc etc..
  6. Yes, I know I have a black top, but that one pendek sikit belakang die, or low sangat, seasoned, yada yada..
  7. I'm depressed! Need something to cheer me up!
  8. This one unbelievably cheap. I take 2 !!
  9. This is nice for classes, practical and practical..
  10. My parents belanje, so I amik je la ape-ape yang ade (even buruk)
  11. Been eyeing this forever, now its on less. Yeayy!
  12. 'Next item less 20%' or 'Another item you get a loyalty card'
  13. BF or gfs cheer 'Beli!! beli!! beli!!!!

Dear Lord, grant me the strength to control my own radicilous spendings!

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