10 weird picks on me.

1- I wash my hair twice a day. Even it's running freaking late to school. And I never wear wet hair under my scarf. It is worst than gross.

2- I don't cut off the label of anything I newly bought. So the brand and price tags will be unattached until the day I wear them.

3- I totally can't tolerate something like pink scarf with pink top with pink handbag. Hope you'll find yourself a pink wall to camouflage to. And I avoid wearing something sandwiching in colour like black scarf, white top and black pants. So ickkk!

4- I hate wearing baju kurung-with tudung. It reminds me of MRSM days, and encourages me to grow fat unnoticed.

5- I sleep to dream on the pair of skinny I badly wanted, and day-dreaming on the perfect vest I am about to find. In future perhaps. Plus, am alergii to ugly handbags. Hahahah sgt exagerate.

6- I don't make friends with loose jeans. Period.

7- I love comfortable flats. Open-toe and flattering heels. But it's not easy to find a good one.

8- What's up with the frogs? Opss, the crocs?

9- I learnt that - long skirts are pretty -only to LOOK at! It never looks good on you, unless you are supermodel or at least, at their height. Personally, you look like perfect walking curtain.

10- I believe trying too hard is not good (always happens when you take too long time to dress for dates). But not trying at all is worst. If you want to wear smoky eyes, at least get your eyebrows fix darling...

Above are facts laced by heavy exaggerated sense. And I have my quality control besides me all the time (refer picture right most top of this page)

2 nosy parkers:

alia detsiwt said...

haha. this, i like.

i found a super vest in pavillion today. its totally super. diff from whatever i've seen before. i'm not a vest person but i fell in love with this one.

and... i gave up on skinny.

HANEYSA said...

i nak nak nak vest.
tapi by the time beli, org dah tak pakai dah.