What's Up with the Black Plastic Bag

I get to write this one quick, I have so many things yet to cover on tomorrow Steel Design test.

Today I bought a sanitary pad in the Kopetro (grocery shop, read:koperasi in UTP) along with other stuff. I paid at the counter and suddenly the kakak pulled out a black plastic bag.
Because she assumed I might be embarrassed to carry around those sacred thing I just bought.

Oh my God, are you for real, Kakak?

If I were to malu, shamed, or embarrassed, I won't buy the stuff with crowd of junior boys loitering around the shop. I don't queue a long way holding that in my hand while knowing there'll b eyes staring at my items the moment I placed them on the counter.

So there you are.
My nescafe in-can, a yellow highlighter and Kotex sanitary pad, all stuffed in a black plastic bag.

When I met the bf outside the shop, he asked why did I do to deserve special plastic bag (referring to other people carrying red ones).

Mind you this is not the first time. Once I was awarded with black plastic bag for the same thing I bought in a famous grocery shop outside UTP. Next time, I'll remind the person behind the counter to save the black begs to those buying condoms.
Sincerely I think they need it more than I do.

But I forgot I'm in Tronoh.
But anyway, I was just thinking...
Bukan student UTP mostly belajar Biology ke? Nak malu kenape?

1 nosy parkers:

alia detsiwt said...

those buying condoms wont need black ones.

i was in 711 the other day when i heard a bunch of boys go "ehh... tattoo ahh!" "ni gambar harimau ni!!!"

how disappointed will the kids be when they realize that they're baloons... not tattoos...