Final Exam Blues

Say hello to Mr Final Exam.
We haven't meet for quite some time, since I left for Internship had fun without the books and notes.
Mr Final Exam apparently has some jealousy issue seeing me having fun.
He is, the mood killer after all.

Days start with bfast, library, lunch, library, tea break, nap, dinner and library.

We took pictures of past exam papers. The usual way is to apply for photocopy voucher, but since I lost 2 of them already, we had to do the weird way.
That is by taking photo, and print them out.
And beside are my hands holding down the questions booklet as bf captured every page needed.

3 nosy parkers:

twisted-lullaby said...

eee gemuknye jari u! eheheheh

twisted-lullaby said...

eh i dont remember pon name i tu hehe.

HANEYSA said...

sarah ke ni?
ckp jari i gemok? upload gamba bday ifa karang, menangis u. hopefully gamba tunang moment-moment lawa kan. (kalau nak moment lawa jgn kasi zu dgn fatin masuk gambar hehe.)