Graduation Briefing

During Graduation Briefing at Chancellor Hall, 7 November 2007.
No I'm not graduating after this Nat, still have another semester to go.
And I'm not promising any belanja kasut until then.

For those who haven't see me in my glasses...

Qusyairi said I looked like cikgu.
Siaplah result UPSR keluar next week, tau meraung.

Ok, back to work!

2 nosy parkers:

nata said...

oh.. tak lagi? damn.. haha. well, at least ur bro ckp u look like a cikgu.. bdk2 sini ckp when i put on mine, i look like a makcik. eh wait, i AM a makcik. i prefer maksu tho. maksu yg vogue. yes, yes, that's more like it.

HANEYSA said...

belommm lagi. btw maksu-stalker, thank u for the info. she does look fat! yeay! (jahat gile, tapi tak peduli)