Well I'm free,
I'm free like a world,
I'm higher than the moon and so much higher still to go
I'm dancing on the silver star,
my boot prints on the white-wall tire

And if I stumble my way through
another year of blindness
I don't deserve to come down from
these drugs inside my brain
And if I stumble my way to the people who are mindless
I guess I get what's coming to me and my evil wicked ways.

Okay that's about it. I'm singing Luke Doucet's Free now.
Catching up normal non-nerdy live I had been living the past 5 years ain't easy as it sounds.
A lot of adjustments need to be made. Plans need to structured.
Series and movies need to watched. And of course, a lot and a lot of crap reading from the Internet.
Crap is what makes me, ME.

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