Lazy Day Talking

Today is a lazy stress-free day indeed.
I allowed this body of mine to wake up late (10 am is late). Then were buying time with coffee and online news, then shower.

Then lunch.

After that back to more Internet crappies, gossips, (baby names?!) and everything that has nothing to do with STRESS, TENSION, PRESSURE and TEMPERATURE.

Dosing myself to more antm, desperate housewives, greys, and prison break. Prison Break 3 is so dead boring. I nearly broke my glasses when I unconsciously dozed off watching Scofield in gruesome cell center in Panama.
Why must everything seemed so smelly and sweaty?
So yuckdy-yuck!

Talking about glasses...
Something I realize lately is that, I'm getting helpless without them.
I don't recognize people, the vision become hazy-er and everything is shaky and blurry. Recognizing people 10 metres away is almost impossible.
Do believe that this has something to do with me turning into an avid glass wearer in the event of final exam. Maybe?
The last thing I want is to stick wearing glasses for the rest of my life!
Oh god please! If this eyesight of mine worsen, I may consider bf opinion on eye-laser. I don't want to be another scarf wearer with glasses. No no.
So please people, I'm begging for an advance forgiveness if I accidentally
1) Don't wave, smile and make excited faces upon seeing you.
2) Knocked your car at night(or on very hazy day)
3) Reporting a false report on seeing your bf with another girl. He might be a look-alike.

In additional note, please allow me to take some time to response if you called out my name Haney.
There's so many girls' name ending with ___ ni and I get confused by responding NOT at my name.
Spare me the shame ok darlings. Call me Chinn (for the girls) and Haneysa for the others. Very much friendlier to my ears...

This is a contradictory emotional statement.
I miss home.
And everything to do with home.

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