Good To Be Back

Honey I'm hoooome...!

Finally. The FYP (it's final year project, for you who not knowing) oral presentation went really really bad. It kinda kick my mental strengh into the drain. I was stripped to my flaws in a lecture hall as big to accommodate 200 people.
They were harsh, rude, merciless and demanding, beyond my expectation.
I suspect that's what life is.

But I guess I'm okay now.

Moving on!

Since I'm back in lovely Seremban (I mean it!), the first day, I went for a hair cut.
Choppy-choppy the scissors went all over my head.
Now I'm short 2 inches of hair.
Oh. It's good. To have texture-defined layers of hair and fashionable-sense (my sense, not yours) of hair parting and fringe.
To add more value in my fashion sense, I started to watch the Project Runaway. (bukan Project Runaway Malaysia laaa, of course!)

Tomorrow I'm driving to the bf's place to pick up my things. Then maybe we'll catch a movie or lunch. What else to do. Adventurous souls are not the kind we are meant to be.
Hanging out at bookstores is what we do best. Together. Hahaha.

What else..
I've seen The Kingdom (of US Superheroes).
Fatin was right. Not that good. I would say the inclination towards the betterment of the west relatively compared to the (middle) east is just plain OFF man.
Very cliche of Hollywood (duh it's Hollywood movie anywaaaay)
Imagine 4 FBI agents against one whole troop of Arab terrorist.

Yea, I'm home. Unpacked done. Organising wardrobe done. Hair cut done.
But Richie's not here. Nobody dare to say anything.
Especially me.

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