Lalalalaa Song~

Today is an achievement. I drove all the way from Seremban to bf's house in Melawati !
I am 22 years yes, but according to him, I am like 12.
So that explains the worriness bewildering him when I told him
'I tak tahu jalaaaaaaan..'

Arrived around past 10 am, picked my things from his car, met the niece.
He's so cute like white cotton candy I feel like squashing himmm munching his cheek.
But the uncle was there, takut dia slap I nanti!

Then we went to Pavillion.
Oh yea, then the cendol at his place.

Then drove back to Seremban.

If absence makes the heart grows fonder, well..
it's not even 3 days and my heart has grown as huge as football field already!

5 nosy parkers:

twisted-lullaby said...

pegi pavilion tak terserempak pun! ade ke!

Haneysa said...

u baru sampai i dah otw balik dah. i kene balik cepatlah dear hehe.

babyish_angel said...

yearrite nk amik choc jeee..ade keeeeee?

babyish_angel said...

btw i miss u!hahaha (thnk god next sem i dont have to deal wit ur sarcasm anymore ;p)

Haneysa said...

and i'll miss the nasty gossssssip about u.
topless, overnight, abortion, bj. u name it, zu got it.
hahahah opsss. (there i go again!)