Crapiology Part 1

Maturity rank.
(Based on your friends' assessment and observation thruout the 5 years, or less, judging on how you act in front of them, your sillyness, relationship wise excluded)

1. Ziana
2. Sara
3. Ealya
4. Fatin
5. Haney
6. Zaza
7. Fifa
8. Zu

Comments are very much appreciated.

p.s I have class like one or two per day. Therefore we had a lot of thinking to do.

10 nosy parkers:

zoo said...

wht the fish?nape i last skali????i totally disagree!its not fair!
i am matured.i just dont like to brag u know.

afifa said...

i before zaza okkkkkkkk

zoo said...

hahahaah sgt x logik kan fa!sape tah yg susun ni..come on ppl..ealya 3rd??(hehe sorry ealya)

ealya said...

pls accept the fact!
jgn jeles :p

chinn said...

betul ape..
zu nak i remind ke semue bende yg u buat.
hisap botol air mcm hisap susu.
panjat tembok afamosa.

need more?

twisted-lullaby said...

ahaha who did the ranking? tapi ifa after zaza? eerrrrrrr!!!!
and yes zu, accept the fact. minum milo mesti tumpah dkt baju.

but seriously chinn? i second? seriouslyyyyyyyyyyy??? i nk middle rank ehehehhee

zoo said...

fine fine.kalau ikut rank from bwh,im the silliest and coolest and paling fun!hehehe eyh tp btol laa somehow..;) kesian ziana..

afifa matured said...

i tak panjat tembok pun tau..i deserve new friends

Haneysa said...

zu : hehehehe.
haah la the lowest is the coolest ke ape2 lah kan zu.
untuk u semue boleh la kan.

sara : u nak middle u buat sendiri la. sorg2. hehe.

fa : blackheads, breakup. what an ODD combination.

twisted-lullaby said...

what's with the panjat tembok? and breakups? ngeh. nak balik utp!