The First Week

Do I hear someone misses me?

Today, Zaza and I woke up and rushed to the pool.
Lately she developed a huge craving for swimming. And I bet it has something to do with her current bf.
Neeza was there too. I mentioned her because I silently envy her TYR suit, which cost around RM400, which I rather spend on trips or holidays with the girls.

Then I headed back, and off to Facilities Engineering, Transportation and Storage Class.
I dried my hair thanks to Fifa huge hair dryer, of course.

Something tells me that this swimming frenzy is going to last long.
The fact that tomorrow is holiday and the pool is closed is not going to stop Zaza (and her dragged-along friends) for an illegal swim-session.
Well, her bf is a climber after all, she may pick up some tips on climbing the pool wall.

Things been good so far.
I say it's good because when we were in crowd, we feel a (imaginary) breeze sweeping off our faces, telling us to enjoy the last months here.
And also, seniors get to do a lot of stuffs, such as calling other people adik, so better still,
weh! tepi sikit. kau batch mane?


5 nosy parkers:

zoo said...

i miss u chin!i miss all of u babes! :(

Haneysa said...

we miss u too.
and we'll be missing you hell lot more when your pocket is full of money!!

datang la sini.
lets get physical. (we swim and jog twice a day)

twisted-lullaby said...

who misses u? ehehe
nk join swim n jogggggg (yea rite)

chinn said...

sara jgn tipu la u do missed me.

twisted-lullaby said...

ehehe sikit jeeeeeeeeeeee