Love In The Time Of Cholera

I have been silently reading a lady blog who owns a collection of books larger in number than those we have in the IRC. She only talks about books, and little of her life (which is not so interesting, anyway) and I envy her because she gets to spend money and time on fictions and non-fictions.

If there were two things that cruelly separates me with this passion of mine, they are of course, time and money.

Well. Time can be managed. I can always squeezed time during sleep reading and substitute the nap(s) to finish a book. I don't really buy when people say they don't have time to read reasons being busy, study or work.

If you want it, you will make time for it, yes?

But money, is a big problem for me. No my parents don't pay for my books, at least 10 years ago they did. I never asked from them anyway, it's kind of luxury I pay for myself. Thus living in the era where fashion and beautification are accepted as nature, I learn to prioritise and compromise my budget.

So back to the story. I listed down the interesting titles on post-it (old timer type of girl I am) and folded them in my wallet. One of them is this Love in the Time Of Cholera by Gabriel Marquez.

I'm hungry for a true beautiful writing that can move this rigid heart of mine (ceh!). Enough of Sophie Kinsella crappy (but addictive) style, I want true blue literature! Btw, Kinsella's newest Remember Me is in store end of February if I'm not mistaken.

Once the Oprah recommended this under Oprah Book Club (stern warning, I am not an Oprah fan) and I guess that is when the books went wooooshed from the bookstore shelves.

However when I learn that the book is RM49.90, I choked a little bit.
That is 10% of my loan monthly allowance.

So dear friends, and boyfriend.
If you have the slightest intention to keep me happy, bubbly and funny.
I reckon you chip in together and get this for me.

Never mind if you fail to get the cover as below, because it's first edition.
You were probably still wet your pants when the first edition was released.

2 nosy parkers:

MeiYuan said...

hey girl!

Love ur writing! I didnt know u love to read those books either =)

By the way I'm back to Seremban for CNY; see whether will bump into you then lol!

Take care!

Haneysa said...

happy new year to you!!!
yes, hopefully we into bumped each other again.

and i miss u!
and i swim horribly nowadays!!

ps. say hello to mei xin, and others, if u have the chance ok?