An Ordinary Weekend

I had a lazy weekend. Nice, lazy, final, year weekend.
So nice that we went swimming twice on Friday. And paint our backs with stripes of swimsuit due to sunburnt.

On Saturday there was the Ability Test. A test comprised of Verbal and Numerical abilities held by the HR Petronas that literally (or figuratively?) cracked my head off.

And on Sunday, the bf and I went brunch (brunch is a sign you are with someone for so long) at Old Town Ipoh. He was not feeling very well so we canceled the plan to climb the Cameron Highland and had long marathon of Heroes instead.

I guess I love weekend so dearly, that I can make weekend loves me back.

Anyway, off to Seremban tomorrow.

And before I forget, Xin nian kuai le to all my Chinese friends!
Have a blast ya!

4 nosy parkers:

nata said...

i wanted to call u up & go sumwhere... but my fon is screwed.. & i gotta admit, i can't remember ur mobile no. oOps.

haneysa said...

im coming back to utp la this saturday. tak sempat nak catch up. yesterday ade bbq dgn family ingat nak invite u over but call tak dpt2.
so cmne nak in touch ni, now that u don't remember my number??

sekejap gile cuti.
taknak balik peraaaaakkk!!

nata said...

aaaaaarrrgggghhhh... sedihnyaaaaa.. haishhhhh.. how now. alaaaaaaaa... ni yg buat nak beli fon baru ni. hmmmm.. take care blk perak. malas nak blk melaka ni. :(

Haneysa said...

ok reply2 msg pakai blogspot ni kire dah pathetic ni.
online ym la!
(but i have a port problem tak settle2 lagi ni, so slalu tak online)

tp ape pun,
cepat beli fon baru!!!