Sarah Engagement

Congratulations Sarah Dear!

When I say dear, I really mean, very very dear to my heart.
(Auuw Chinn is getting intimate with her feelings!)

Finally, someone in the clan is about to get married.

I told Sarah the other day that she is our version of Christina Yang.

And the wedding date is going to be around mid July (kan Sar?)
So ladies, cepat plan nak pakai baju apa!!

It was a happy happy day.
Even we got shuuush by all the aunties who crowd around the room when they put on the engagement ring.
We didn't get to see Sarah's expression (I bet she's tearful at the time, Sarah being Sarah!)
Tengok gambar Fifi je lah nanti... Hmm tak sabar, nak gambar Fifi!!

Edited :
someone is sulking because I didn't mentioned her, not being with us.
Well, you know who you are.
And you know if you were there, the pictures would have been prettier...
Oh ya, btw adik imaginary u flew all the way from Kuching and dropped by.

Whos's next?
I bet Fifa.

14 nosy parkers:

Anonymous said...

mcm ade somethin wrong wit all the pics..ade someone missing.and yet u x mention pn tht someone..somehow i terasa..after all we've been thru chin?how could u???

alia detsiwt said...

wow sgt besar besaran.

yes, lepas ni fifa.

Haneysa said...

To anonymous, macam lah I taktau sape:
It's not that I forget you,
you know you always in my heart, even we are thousand miles apart.
In a way, ala sorry lah.
I pun taktau what was I thinking not mentioning you.
Unacceptable kan?

Al :
Haah besar besaran kan.
U bile?
Jgn lupa jemput kitrg tau.

alia detsiwt said...

sangat2 akan dijemput tapi time tu korang confirm bawak anak sekali... wooo hooo... sangat2 lambat lagi... u lepas fifa eh?

Haneysa said...

i bukan after fifa.
fifa nak settle down at 25.
i heard that from somewhere.

oh, i tunggu turn u, baru i decide nak anak ke tak.

Anonymous said...

i have a comment about your camera.i think it makes some people look fat. i think you shud fix it a.s.a.p. as for serious damage could be done to his/her reputation. your cooperation is highly appreciated.

chinn said...

to anonymous:
first, its not my camera, its ur course buddy's.
and, pls don't blame others lenses(and ur so-called faulty eyes) if you appear to be a little bit strech horizontally in all pictures.
has it occur to you, that those lenses aren't lying.
and perhaps, you are in denial?

your truth-shaker,

Anonymous said...

hehehe yg kat atas ni zaza eh?

chinn said...

ye lah tu.
zaza and her secrets.

alia detsiwt said...

fifa 25? reallllyyy?? sempat lagi i nak kacau mr.right dia!! wahahahhahahaha...

and please kat my wedding nanti if u all bawak anak, please keep them under control. pleasee

zoo said...

hehe i like ur edited version chin!eh salah,i lyke!tengs ;)

twisted-lullaby said...

i had to laugh. EVERYTIME. with zu n zaza and all the perangaiii. omg i miss u girls sooooo much! ok now im being emotional.

btw chinn, i did not shed a tear time sarung cincin ok! surprisingly. hehe

Haneysa said...

welkam zu, welkam.
don't mention it.

chill la sar jgn emotional.
i tau u tak nangis mase sarung cincin, tapi hati u sedih kan?
the inside thingy. u know.


twisted-lullaby said...

very funny.
emotional ni