Things We can Learn From the Boyfriends

  • Cursing. The whole length of it. Quick example, the car in front of you speed like a snail. you should go 'What the fuck yo' instead of our conventional bongok, or bodoh. Err, please don't do the finger ya ladies. I'm not that far extend yet.
  • That compressor is actually a component in the car that actually compress things. Heh. And how to pump the tires. Or change flat tires. (Been there but not done that dozens of times, but still clueless about it)
  • Eye-ing hot chicks without the person next to us noticing. Bonus point if you can guess her size. Her cute-top size I mean. ;p
  • Why they never (in their life, and their next life) verbally envy other boys their kind. And stalk him in friendster, myspace, facebook, blogspot and google his name (if any social online services fail to locate him). And dreaming of his hot bangs and nice-ly figured-legs.
  • Gadgets. Latest MacBook air and Time Capsule for example. Keep up girls! Keep up!
  • Always come up with the minimum pages of report.
  • On how to be thick skin especially when you make the grandiose entrance in the lecture hall. How to work fashionably late, fashionable.
  • Dress up as quick and fast as lightning. And do acknowledge the fact it's late by increasing your speed of movements and for-go the unecessaries. It's annoying to wait ok.
  • Football match schedule. So you know what they talked about and act cool as if you're a fan. Or casually talk about it with the father during awkward moments.
  • How they pull shorts and shirt and still look bersiap!

5 nosy parkers:

babyish_angel said...

OMG!wht happened to ur page?terkejut gile i ok..i was like eh blog sape laa not u la chin!

chinn said...

hahahahah tu la.
i try nk buang budak bace buku tu tapi takleh.
and tak suke awan2 kecik kat tepi tu, tapi takleh gak.
tak save template lame, so kene stick dgn ni kejap ok.
bear with me dear.

twisted-lullaby said...

omg jugak! i pn terkejut i thought i salah add. haha

alia detsiwt said...

haha. u, keep up okay... keep up!!!
itu semua i tak blajar from my bf punnn...
ke i salah subject. dang.

nanashariff said...


guys do all quickie stuff.
cant cope to catch up laa.