His Twenty-third Birthday

Today, someone turns 23!
It's tu-went-ny-tree!

Officially, he's older than me.
But I know if I (joking-ly, of course!) call him abang, he would kill me,
girlfriend or no girlfriend.

I took a lot of time to think about what to write in the birthday card.
Most time I disagree when some say there're no enough words in the world can describe feelings, and shame on them for having such a small pool of vacobulary.

But this time I beeeeeggg to differ.

All the words in my world (Lesson 1 : Engineering school kills your English) mumble jumble in my head.
I phrased my ultimate romantic sense on a piece of junk paper, an nervously shook my legs to drain out ideas in form of words.
When finished, my writing looks like a twelve-year-old, in an unattractive way.

Ah, what the hell.

I love you and you know it.
Happy Birthday Love.

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