We Have a Thief Among Us!


Kami telah kehilangan 2 jeans (Levis biru gelap and Guess biru terang) kedua-duanya saiz 34/25 pada minggu ke-2 and ke-4 semester ini.

Kedua-duanya di curi semasa di jemur di palang berhampiran tangga level 4.
We believe it is the same person because of the same size.
If you girls know the whereabouts of the two jeans (or the rat herself) or experienced the same thing, pleaaaase let us know to prevent more stolen clothes.
Call/sms : 012-386**** (House 4.3)
"We Love All Our Clothes!!"

This notice is to be posted on every floor of this block.
I am seriously sick of losing favourite jeans and baju(s). Since last semester quite a lot of mine went MIA while they were supposed to remain still on the bar till I picked them up when dried.
We have a theory that this rat is as my size, with my waist circumference.

And she may not be the cleaner girls because those were hang inside the house are untouched.

What if I found her?

Pernah tengok Haneysa mengamuk?
Nak cuba?

5 nosy parkers:

babyish_angel said...

OMG!!scaryyyy!jeans sape hilang?u ke zaza?whoever yg curi tu sure envy kaki u kan..hehe hey im just tryin to sedap kan hati u! ;)

nanashariff said...

pencuri baju?


twisted-lullaby said...

scarry gilaaa!!! teringat zaman v4 baju2 favourite i kna curik. dammit. btw org curi tu ada taste. nak curi levis ngn guess jeeee. hmmppphhhh

Haneysa said...

pencuri baju mmg patut kene hang in the society where girls RULES!!

Zu : envy kaki i? sedap i dgr...

Nana : pencuri baju is so asrama time. hello there btw.

sarah : oiiih datang la sini kate nak visit kitrg. sangap (auw!) korg tade.

twisted-lullaby said...

sangap? eewww! hehehe okaayyy nnt i dtg laa... bile ada cuti ok? ;)